10 Worst Street Fighter Characters Of All Time

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  1. Remy is my favorite character in Street Fighter 3 and he's so much better than his father and he actually has an extra move that's useful instead of sticking with the same shit moves forever and School Mania is the only character that people really love from Street Fighter EX3 including me. Gill being annoying actually is an awesome boss even though he is way over powered but I think they took a note from S&K and you go is a lot better than stupid crap Zangief and he's so popular but they put him in a street fighter SNK crossover

  2. All the street fighter 3 hate made me sad lol. But if you didn't play the games hard core I can see why. It was very different from what people expected and everyone has a right to an opinion so +1 for being brave enough to call things like you see them.


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