12 Months in I Just wanted to say….

Well its 12 months (ish) since I first made a video for my mate Marcus as I was fed up with FaceTime and taking peoples boxes home to load Kodi and a build on to it too.You can see my crappy first video here.

Its was random that my good mate Tom came in and said about these boxes and the whole KODI eco system and a build on it called the beast. I had literally never heard of any of this before and this was only 12 months ago. So like many of you have fallen in to this trap I purchased, wait for it, a FULLY LOADED Android Box, the build on it was useless nothing worked and looking back on it all the addons were dead. So, the mission, learn how to install this all myself. Ill be quite honest although I am technically minded I couldn’t figure out or understand much, but then it just clicked and I wondered why the hell I found it as confusing as quantum physics. So the channel started as I didn’t think it was right that people were selling outdated, unsupported boxes just making a quick few dollars.

The channel, like at the start of this post was to help out a few mates, no creativity or reviews were even in my mind at this point, then the video got a few thousand views and people were thanking me, I thought hey, I will just carry out and help out more people (as I like doing that anyway). Ive seen it a few times that I kiss the makers of the Beast Builds arses, well funny you should say that, I don’t ! What I do appreciate is the fact that the Beast Build (and it could have been any build) got me in to this in the first place.

Now currently at 16.6K subscribers on my YouTube Channel which now gets around 300K views a month (which you can see below), which I never thought I would get that in my lifetime so thank you. Hey I even lost a few too which I don’t mind (p.s I will hunt you all down)

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I currently have 1,500 followers on twitter, I did have 17K but I got hacked, thats a whole other story, you can read it here if you like now that drove me mad. One of my favourite stats I must add is this one below, helping out the older ladies and gents that still are in touch with tech, which most users over 50 aren’t in touch then this is why I love this so much

So here is to another 12 months of helping users out, as you would have seen lately that me, my face is now on my channel, why? Well because Im teaching YOU and showing YOU how to do things then I though it would only be right that you see ME. Basically that is the only reason.

So a big thank you from me to you and here is to another freaking awesome 12 months.

Big thanks to Billy L and Stephen B for support since the very start.

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