15 BIG Open World Games coming in 2017 | UPCOMING PS4 Xbox One PC Switch

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Here are the 15 BIGGEST Open World Games coming 2017 & Beyond on PS4 Xbox PC! (13 of them in 2017.) Sandbox games only! The most anticipated new open world games on the market! Which of these new games will be the best in your opinion? Post in the comments and let me know!

Lots of the games in the video have new trailers:

0:00 Star Citizen

3:28 Mass Effect Andromeda

5:01 Identity

7:09 Red Dead Redemption 2

7:51 Wild

9:31 Dual Universe

10:37 Sea Of Thieves

12:13 Kingdom Come Deliverance

14:08 Crackdown 3

15:48 Ghost Recon Wildlands

17:53 Cyberpunk 2077

19:49 Horizon Zero Dawn

22:04 Days Gone

24:21 Spiderman

25:25 Sniper Elite 4

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  1. for Star Citizen instead of TBD/TBA that should be for Cyperpunk and the When Where ready should be for Star Citizen because im hereing people say that they dont think it will ever come out just updates n such

  2. As a software engineer, I can tell you seriously that Identity will never fully come to life. If it does, it'll come out years from now and stay alpha on Steam for the remainder of it's life.

    A game like that is just too big. They would need a huge team and a shit-ton of funding to be able to successfully complete it on time.

  3. Am I the only one that's kind of getting tired of open world games? Like, don't get me wrong, I love some of them, but I feel like games should be more narrative driven and linear like they used to be…


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