15 Touch Bar Tips and Tricks for MacBook Pro

A Simple Click Really Helps

New to the Touch Bar on the latest MacBook Pro? Watch these 15 handy tips and tricks to get quickly acclimated to Apple’s newest MacBook Pro innovation.

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  1. Another tip is if your MacBook is locked and but the screen is showing (on) if you swipe with your finger from left to right on the touch bar the screen will turn black instead of you waiting like for 5 mins for it to do it automatically 🙂

  2. my extra control strip button for media controls isn't showing up anymore? when i first got it yesterday it was working but not anymore, any ideas? it works with iTunes and used to work with safari but safari doesn't do it with youtube anymore, how about amazon music?

  3. I'm trying to do the tap and slide on my touchbar (quickly adjust) but for example when i tap the brightness icon it doesn't allow me to just slide to increase/decrease the brightness, I have to hold the finger over the brightness icon, the touch bar is magnified onto the screen and then I have to wait for a circle to load then i can adjust the brightness.
    How do I change it to do it quickly like in the video?


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