2016 13″ Macbook Pro Review – How is This a Pro Laptop?!

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Dave2D review of 2016 13″ Macbook Pro (Without OLED Touchbar) Covering build, gaming, video editing.

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Reviews of some other options:
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Desktop Wallpaper Download: http://i.imgur.com/klgrpoA.jpg

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  1. one only reason that i would buy a macbook pro sometimes is i'm a programmer, i want to develop app with xcode but if in the future swift port to linux or windows, i have no need to buy it. i'm watching this review with my surface pro 3 <3

  2. can you do a video on gaming on this? what's so annoying to me is i don't game much but i love sims but i can't see like any of the detail on laptop mode. could you see the shadows of trees on the macbook pro 13 in or 15?

  3. This year Razer upped the specs of their MacBookesque (blade and blade stealth) machines while also dropping the price. And now Apple took away features and functionality, ports, added unnecessary features(who needs a touchpad when you can have a touchscreen), put poor specs in all but the most expensive models, and increased the price!?! What is happening

  4. Apple is doing a research: How much can they take away from their products and still please the Apple Fanboys.. next they are removing the keyboard.. and I'm sure there will be people defending apple for it.

  5. subscribed! love your videos! share one detailed video or comment back on gaming perspective in a bit more detail considering im planning to buy this model with the upgraded ssd!

  6. I know some things about it are great, but no touch bar or touch ID? a dual core i5 cpu from last year? no dedicated gpu? 2 freaking ports, with one that has to be used to charge? Virtually NO upgradability? Not even a touchscreen? AT $1500!? Apple wonders why people call them a garbage company, then does stuff like this. This is ridiculous


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