2016 Macbook Pro: After 2 Weeks (Review)

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This is my experiences with the all new 2016 Macbook pro base model. I’ve had it for almost 2 weeks now and this 2016 Macbook pro has become one of my favorite computers despite its shortcomings. If you came to this review expecting the Macbook to be a computer that does it all from 4k editing to extreme gaming, you’re looking at the wrong computer. If you’re looking for a great long battery performer that can do moderately demanding tasks, and has great build quality. That’s more this devices speed.

This is pretty much what I discuss in the video in word form:
Hey guys Jimmy here and this is my unboxing and experience with the all new 2016 macbook pro. This thing is really different from the old Retina macbook pros. I mean, look at it. It’s space gray.

If you haven’t noticed the new macbook pro is thinner than the old retina macbook pro.

So first, imagine this, you go home, open up your new macbook pro, and decide to sync some photos or music to your iphone. So you reach for your charging cable but you realized something, you can’t plug it into your brand new and shiny computer. But if you do want to. You can dish out 20-25 dollars to do it. This is the experience you’ll get with a lot of things, since it only has 2 USB Type-C ports with thunderbolt 3 support.

ANYWAY, the backlit keyboard got changed to a style similar to the 12in macbook, but the pro uses improved butterfly switches. Since I used the 12in macbook as my daily driver, I can tell you one thing. These keys on the macbook pro feel much better. Not as good as the old macbook pro keys but it gets the job done.

The speakers are great, I thought the ones on the 12in macbook were good but the ones on this macbook pro are fantastic. It gets really loud if you push it. Here’s what it sounds like with Unity by The Fat Rat.

Now the base model Macbook pro comes with 256gb of SSD storage and still standard 8gb of ram.

The screen resolution is 2560 x 1600. You know what that means… super. HD. 1440p youtube videos. But seriously the screen can get really bright. 500 nits I think. That’s plenty enough to melt your eyes off.

The webcam is. Still the same.

The trackpad got way bigger. It’s huge. I can fit my clenched fist within the borders of the trackpad. It’s got the force touch trackpad similar to the 12in macbook, but what I noticed is that it’s a little less clicky than its younger brother.

So this new macbook pro uses a 15w Skylake Processor. Not the new KAY-B, Cabbie, Krabby Patty? lake processors. However, these are faster than some kaby lake processors in other notebooks such as a few Dell XPS 13 models. In terms of processing power, they tie with the 2015 macbook pro, while providing better graphics. Overwatch is pretty playable at lower settings without really dipping below 30 FPS with the Macbook pro’s Iris 540 graphics. Video editing is pretty do-able, I mean this whole video was made on it.

As for fan noise, it’s never sounded like a jet engine, and when it does ramp up the fans, its just a nice hum.

This thing has great battery life, doing light tasks like watching youtube vide- I mean doing homework, watching lectures, and writing essays, this thing definitely lasts its stated 10 hours, and then some. What Apple won’t tell you though, is the model without the touchbar has a bigger battery, and a less power hungry processor which probably means longer battery life than the touch bar version. Innovation.

At $1,499 dollars this thing costs a lot. But how overpriced is it? I compared it to the new XPS 13, and spec’d it out with a similar configuration to the macbook pro. And guess what? The XPS 13 was only $100 cheaper. So would I say this piece of fruit metal is overpriced? Sorta. But not anywhere near what everyone else originally thought. Even if you compare it to the 2015 Macbook Pro you’d see that giving it an upgrade from 128gb to 256gb, you’d get the exact same price as the new one. Then why not buy the new one that has improved updates? Do your research before actually picking a computer guys.

Now my overall impressions? With a Skylake i5 processor and Intel Iris 540 graphics this thing won’t play super intense games. The speakers are by far the best speakers I’ve heard come from a laptop, and the force touch trackpad works really well. The screen is so nice, that you can tell how average the 720p web cam is. The ports are definitely gonna leave you asking for more. It’s a solid computer. The price tag, while competitive, is still high considering this is a grand and a half and supposed to replace the Macbook Air which was ony 2/3rds the price. I’d recommend this if you really don’t mind adapters. Because I think overall, this is a great machine, especially if they could lower the price slightly.

Song Used for speakers: TheFatRat – Unity



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  1. I ordered the 13" model with touchbar yesterday. I loved your video, very very good review, highlighting points no person on YT has done so far.
    I genuinely believe that you will be successful on YouTube. I didn't look at your profile before watching the video, but on first impressions; I was convinced that you were an established member. However as the video went on, your lack of experience started to show, Areas for improvement: I would recommend reading up on filmic elements such as; the rule of thirds and composition, e.g. close the door behind you, have a clear background and tidy room. Have a nice setting, get the camera to focus on your face, not the entire shot.
    I love the quick editing, especially when the shots expand on your face, very comical and supremely popular on YT videos but rarely in reviews…that's your USP, well done! You got my sub.

  2. Very nice review. Witty but informative especially the price breakdown. It's still overpriced but you make a good case not to buy the old generation as a price savings.

  3. Yes but on that price front you forget that Apple has artificially inflated the price of the old MacBook pros so if you want the old one you have to pay more for it than you had to a month ago

  4. The base 15" model in Italy is 2800€ while the similar spec xps 15" is 1600€. The difference is probably because it comes with the touch bar.

    Then the issue of the dongles is not insignificant if you plan to move around with it cause you are guaranteed to either forget them somewhere or end up having redundant sets…

    Finally this is not upgradable, my 2010 MacBook Pro has had RAM and SSD updates making it run probably better than what it did when new. At this point when it fails catastrophically the only option would be a non apple laptop. I would be okay if this was called MacBook, but that's not really MacBook Pro.

  5. Super….HD….. YouTube videos xD
    Hahaha but anyway, great review! I want to buy a new MBP without touch bar but the main thing that concerns me is the fact there are only 2 USB-C ports… one of you are charging. I don't mind dongles but do you think the USB-C port would be able to handle a dongle with say, 3 regular USB ports on it? Like if I had my phone connected, a mouse connected, and a flash drive connected at the same time would the MBP read all of them from the single USB-C port?
    On a side note, is your username a reference to Jimmy Eat World? If so that's pretty awesome lol

  6. Hey man, great video. Keep it up! I want to get into youtube too someday. These are also my exact same thoughts and I just bought one yesterday. I upgraded from a $650 Asus I got in 2012 and so far, I love the thing. I really just need an adapter for my ethernet and and usb and a cable to go straight from my iphone 7 to usbc. You have great body language and voice inflection as well as ideas. A few touches you could add to improve content would be to improve the lighting and possibly the background of your videos. Audio and video quality was great though.

  7. You can't use the Yeti microphone, do you? The membrane is on the front and you speak into the top? Even the short manual says in one nice picture not to do this. You even face it away from the laptop? Why?

  8. I am really confused which one to buy the xps 13(i7 FHD) or mac book pro(non touch bar). I need laptop for productivity work, watching videos and streaming and occasionally editing and good battery life so that it can survive my college hours. Can I get some suggestions which one to buy? Thanks

  9. Im not sure whether to get a 2016 13-inch Macbook Pro with i7, 16gb ram and 512gb SSD or a 2015 15-inch Macbook Pro with a 2.2 i7, 16gb ram and 256gb SSD. Ill be using it for school and graphic design work so mostly adobe applications but also 1 3D programm.. Someone help please?

  10. Touchbar.". It is $400 more, but besides the Touchbar itself, the money gets you a huge jump to 2.9 gHz CPU instead of a 2.0 gHz CPU, four USB C ports instead of two (and the two are on the same side which sounds minor but it's major for charging and ext. monitor options), a slightly faster RAM, three built-in microphones instead of two, and a slightly faster video card. All this makes it not only a consideration, but one could almost say to themselves "I'm paying for all the upgrades and the Touchbar is free". LOL.

  11. Review is solid. That's exactly how I felt about the new MacBook too. Maybe you could do a quick review of dongles/accessories that would work well with the new macbook?

  12. Great video. So I was thinking should I get the 2016 or the 2015 (MacBook Pro 13, 256GB) the price is the same as the basic model of the 2016. I do some video/photo editing and all kind of internet activities) is it more worth than the 2015 ? 

  13. Hey Jimmy, love your videos. You can add another subscriber to the count! 🙂 I have a question though. Do you have any trouble typing your "schoolwork" with your palms on the computer? I heard this triggers the touchpad unintentionally?

  14. Yup! Great humor. laughed out loud a bit. I'll subscribe. In the future I'd love to see you in a well lit room. And if somebody could suggest other laptops that put work function over excessive bells and whistles or things like that, and compare them for me that would be too amazing. It would let me know the best places to compare and contrast and what to compare when buying. Thanks!

  15. My main driver is a mid 2013 MBA, it's been slowing down some, but I have 8gb of ram and the i7 cores. You think getting the base model would be a good upgrade for web dev and such? I technically can do it on my laptop now but it doesn't feel as snappy. And the MBA non-retina screen is sort of outdated. You think it's necessary to upgrade the base model's processor any further along with the standard 8gb of ram? I'm think if you can run overwatch with the base model, it could handle any kind of productivity work, yes?

  16. just bought one today got the space grey one it really looks sweet! All I really wanted is a light computer that is portable good battery life and to be able to edit some go pro videos and edit some photos nothing advanced. Maybe the MacBook Air would have been good eunogh but I really wanted a retina screen and more power. The Air feels to old not worth the 900€ with that screen and specs. The thing with the ports well it sucks! but I only payed 600 € for this machine so for me its worth it for sure ! although I'm not sure that I would buy it for the real price :S if you have the money maybe its worth it. So far i enjoy it! My girlfriend has a MacBook Pro 2015 and I like this one more for sure! the keyboard I'm already used to it! it feels smooth and fast !


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