2016 MacBook Pro Preview – Apple’s New Laptop Predictions!

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Before I do my review of the 2016 MacBook Pro laptops, here’s a quick look at my predictions prior to launch. Covering the OLED touchscreen and other features.
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  1. +dave2D: I have a couple of questions to ask you!
    1. I have been an all life windows user and thinking to switch because I'm wayy into my comfort zone. should I get the 13" MacBook pro with the touch bar or the previous generation MacBook pro spec'ed out version?
    2. If I am going with the new MacBook pro, which is the best 3rd party accessory can I get to attach all my USB type A, Ethernet and HDMI?

  2. I have the latest 12" MB and the latest 15" MBP and they are still perfect for my needs. No need to get a new one MBP here. The touch bar looks good and all but it will be even better in a year or so as developers start adopting it into their applications. I also can't say I care for the bigger trackpad. The current version is great as it is. I don't remember them saying why they made it bigger in the event but I would have to try it at the local Apple store in a year or 2 before I buy the next version.

  3. 2:39 – Okay, now you're just grasping at straws there with the Apple Pencil. There has been no such rumor of the 2016 MacBook Pro allowing users to draw using the Pencil on the larger track. And even when they finally announced it, such a thing was never revealed that the trackpad can do so, nor was such a feature ever been discovered by those that tried it out after the announcement. This is just something you yourself wanted to see to to fruition, I bet.

  4. I'm afraid you are very wrong about the comparison of AMD to Nvidia. And the new MacBook Pro uses the NEW Radeon Pro chip. The new RX GPU's are also reported to have significant power reduction via refinements made to Polaris.

    "In terms of GPU processing power, the Radeon Pro 450 has a peak single-precision floating point performance of 1.00 Tflops, the 455 of 1.30 Tflops, and the 460 of 1.86 Tflops.

    That’s quite a step up from the previous-gen cards, and actually puts the Radeon Pro 460 above Nvidia’s Quadro M2000M, which, at 55W, has a significantly higher power draw." – cgchannel


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