4K Gaming TV PS4 PRO Samsung UN40KU6300 Review

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  1. wow ppl always lie about shit they don't own! they said it doesn't have HDR but you proved them wrong. Ppl need to stop with the bullshit. OWN SOMETHING 1ST BE4 ASSUMING WHAT EVERYONE ELSE TELLS YOU TO THINK! fucking followers…can't even less their own lives on a daily basis. Sad af

  2. I think what a lot of people are saying is this only has 8bit panel so it's a upscale hdr you need a 7000 series to get a full 10bit panel but like you I d not wanna spend silly money

  3. I'm looking to get the 49ku 6670 for ps4 pro but hdr is the main thing I belive there ain't much difference between models just wondering what the hdr on this tv is like in game thanks.

  4. How can you say your not into the best graphics so don't spend much on a tv but than want to get a PS4 pro for slightly better graphics that you probably won't even notice if your more than 8 feet away even closer on a smaller tv like that. I have a ks980065 and still can't notice much of a picture difference on the pro from about 5 feet away. Your hdr isn't the best quality on that tv. I hope that in the future and with more time they will produce better quality graphics and frames. But for right now there isn't to much of a difference besides the frame rate. And that isn't even an option on every game.

  5. I hooked up my old hdmi cable on my ps4 pro and saw slight difference and thought is that it.

    Then realised youll get the full experiance of 4k with the hdmi 2.0 which it was in my ps4 pro box lol

    All the way im thinking ps4 pro hdmi is shit.

    Now I see the difference haha

  6. I have a 65 Inch 1080p TV in my living room. I was looking to upgrade to 4k and get another 65 inch because that's what I am used to now. NOPE. Im not paying 1200 bucks for some 4k lol

  7. Soo it looks like HDR makes a small difference when you turned it on n off but seeing it with your own eyes does it make a huge difference ?? I have a 4K tv n plan on getting a ps4 pro but I wonder if I should get a new 4K tv with HDR because mine does not have HDR . And if you find time mind showing off the HDR on n off on this game or others that got the patch ?

  8. Looks amazing!! but in the LG OLED looks far far better, almost like a new generation, in this samsung the picture is clear and you can see the colors, but in the LG TV the experience of colors is another level


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