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4K Movies on KODI

Well I really didn’t know much about this amazing video add-on then I saw it climbing up the charts on Kodiapps.com and knew I had to check the out, why, well I knew that us, the users would love it. With TV Technology that is fast making 1080p slightly outdated we need better content to watch, here I bring the 4K! Did I mention also that is has 3D content too. While browsing through all the media on their, I do not actually remember seeing anything below 720p either so you are guaranteed to watch anything you want in in HD.

4k movies on kodi

Another reason why I carried out a full review on this 4K Movies on Kodi add-on was because everything is also 1 Click!!! No more searching around for the best links, you want to watch it, well just hit play and you are done! I am so surprised that I haven’t heard of this before, the installation is simple as you can tell via the video below. Anyway you awesome people go watch that video 😀


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