4K PS4 Pro: 13 Minutes of The Last of Us Gameplay

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Revisit the first incredible moments of Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us in beautiful 4K 60fps, on the Playstation 4 Pro.

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  1. Man, this looks amazing. TLoU is my favorite game on the PS4, but it is not worth it to upgrade for me bc I don't have a 4K TV with HDR. I do have a 2K Dell monitor and the game already looks amazing bc of the accurate color of the monitor. The only problem I have with last of us is that while it is amazingly sharp in 4K, it still needs more anti-aliasing. I can still see some sharp edges on round objects.

  2. In 4K it actually looks worse than expected. I wish they would have just done it in 2K and redone the shaders because at this high of a resolution the shading becomes really noticable.


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