5 Awesome Kodi Builds for 2017

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5 Awesome Kodi Builds for 2017

Kodi used to be called XBMC and is one of the best streaming applications around, some of the builds, skin and add-ons available for Kodi is endless and growing daily. In this video we will be taking a look a Schism TV. He offers a number of different builds and the one I like is the AIO Schism TV BUILD. Kodi works on PC, Android TV Box, Amazon Fire TV Stick and just about any other device.

Warning: This video is for educational purposes only so if you follow my video and use this information you do so at your own risk, I will take no responsibility for what you do, install or watch.


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  1. I spent a lot of time fooling with Kodi since it was recommended widely, but have to say it is just too unreliable & not worth the trouble for getting free Tv & movies.

    Much easier to rely on Usenet & IRC Chat.

    The best thing I got from Kodi was to watch live TV from around the world, especially daytime UK TV from the US.

  2. hey great video but im having a problem installing it when it starts to download schism tv all in one krypton ed it keeps me a error after it downloads a little it says check logs for more information. how can i fix this or check which error im getting.


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