5 Reasons to Get a New Apple iPhone 3GS

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For anyone that doesn’t have an iPhone, or for anyone considering buying a new one, you might just want to head over now to pre-order the new Apple iPhone 3GS. This is the latest of the Apple phones and it is being released on June 19, 2009. You can pre-order it so that you will be the first to have it on that date. Otherwise, like the previous iPhones, I have a feeling that you won’t be getting one for a long time. Last time, I waited 3 months and checked the AT&T store once a week before I got mine. This time, I’ve already put in an order so I wouldn’t miss out. So, why buy it? Here are the top 5 reasons to buy it.

1. It is much faster: Currently, my iPhone is pretty fast. Connecting to webpages, browsing, all of it beats my friend’s blackberry browser in terms of speed and also the display. But, this new phone is supposed to be twice as fast as the current one. That means you can do things twice as fast. There is something to be said about waiting for your phone to connect to the websites and waiting for something to download. After awhile, you just don’t want to wait anymore. I have a feeling, with this new phone, you won’t be waiting much.

2. Better camera: Are you ever in a store or out on the street and see something that is funny, cool or just interesting to share? You want to take a picture, but of course you don’t have your camera. So, you use your phone. You get home later and realize the quality of the phone is just awful. You can’t see anything and the details are all missing. Well, with the new iPhone 3GS, you can see everything. That is because it has a built in 3 mega pixel auto focused camera. This means that the image resolution will be fantastic and you will get some pretty great pictures without your camera. Plus, you can instantly email the photo to your friend or IM it over. The new instant messenger features allow you to embed the photo and make comments on it before sending it over. All of this means that you will get some great photos and can now leave your camera behind.

3. New voice control: This new feature is fantastic. With just your voice, you can tell the phone what to do. Now, with so many hands free rules while driving, it is getting harder to even make a call. Plus, so many accidents happen while people are trying to dial numbers on their phones. Now, all you have to do is tell the phone what number to dial by saying a name. You can even say the 10 digit phone number and it will dial it automatically. No longer do you have to push any buttons. Even better, you can tell it to play songs on your iTunes as well. Now, you have a new personal assistant all in your own phone.

4. Now able to cut, copy and paste: Now, when browsing through web pages or emails or anything else, you can highlight a section and then automatically cut it out and paste it in somewhere else. This feature will allow you to easily email any information you see to yourself or to your friends. It is so easy to cut and being able to do it between applications is really helpful. I always read something and want to make a note of it and end up having to type it into an email or memo. Now, I can just copy and paste it in a few seconds without having to retype or summarize anything.

5. Now has a feature to record your voice and other things: Besides the voice control, there is now a voice recorder. When you want to use it, the screen comes up with a picture of a microphone. Then, you talk into it and it records what you are saying. Whether you want to record a quick reminder to yourself or a class lecture or you are falling asleep in a meeting and want to record it in case you miss anything, this feature is perfect for any and all of those things. It’s so much nicer to say something than to type it or write it down.

If you don’t own an iPhone, there are so many other great features besides the ones I listed. These new features on the iPhone 3GS have just made it even more enticing to buy one.

Source by Jenny Wells


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