5 things worth considering when designing a mobile app

Every time a user engages with your mobile application, you need to make sure that he has a good experience of using it. This will not only satisfy your users, but will keep them coming back to you. A good mobile app developer is someone who takes care of every single aspect of app development. He designs an application while keeping the target audience in mind.

There are a few things that are worth considering while designing an app. Here we explain each one of them in detail.

Ask for necessary permissions

Too many permissions usually tick off the users. At the same time, not seeking their permissions is also wrong. When taking about Android app users, they aren’t usually offered an option to grant or decline the permission when they are presented with permission’s declaration. An application screen only displays the requirements to function properly. Users are only left with an option to press accept if they want to install the app. This grants the app all access it looks for in a user’s device. Do you think users are happy with how it all works? Certainly not.

Being an app developer, ensure that you do not leave your users unprotected by gaining too much access into their devices than actually required. Be transparent and clear about why you require the permissions.

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Don’t compromise on security

As an app developer, it is solely your responsibility to make the mobile app secure for users. Implement encryption into the app in the file system level. Remember, no two operating systems are same. Thus make sure to build security for each operating system accordingly. For devices that are lost or are mistakenly left in public places, there should be strategy to remotely delete data from the app so that it does not fall into the wrong hands.

When offering services for mobile application development, work out diverse ways to protect data. Make sure there is a mechanism that can help identify unauthorized login. For apps dealing with sensitive data, ascertain there is a two-factor authentication that can offer an extra layer of security.

Choose the right time for requests

When users come to your app, they seek uninterrupted, good app experience. Prompting them for feedback when they are in the middle of the app experience is not a good idea. You would not want to irritate your users, right?

Ask for permissions that are necessary, the ones you cannot do without. Push notifications make a good option, but make sure you don’t overdo it. If you want your users to share their feedback, find out the right time to send feedback requests. Never make the mistake of interrupting them when they are in the middle of something. Value their time and they will indubitably have a good experience with your app.

Implement a good feedback mechanism

You have developed a mobile app and released it in the market. Is there any way you can listen to your users? Do you know what your users have to say about your application? Offer your users a way to share feedback with you. User reviews help you plan better and get rid of any technical issues present in the app. They help you incorporate the features that your users want to see in your app.

If users dislike any feature of your application, it is better to ask them straight by asking for their feedback rather than guessing the reasons. Most importantly, when you know the exact issues that your users have been facing with your app, you can work out the right solutions.

Don’t forget to thoroughly test your app

It is important that you test your app and get it tested by beta testers prior to releasing it in the market. Test your mobile app on different devices and platforms. In addition to testing it to identify any technical issues, test it to ensure it does not drain away the battery. Find out how your app would work offline. Carry out different tests such as unit testing, UI performance testing, and more. You can even opt for cloud based mobile application testing if the need for the same is realized.

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Source by Ron Iannotti
Ron Iannotti

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