5 Ways Final Fantasy XV’s Combat Changes Everything

A Simple Click Really Helps

Final Fantasy XV is a big shake-up for the series. Here, Hollie and Rob talk you through 5 ways the new combat system changes everything.

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  1. Love the combat system. some of the button combos require a bit of overly complex fingerwork and the UI feels cluttered but it's probably the best combat system ff has ever charmed me into playing JUST because the combat is so fluid.

  2. Now my concern for the ff7 is how are they gonna do the fighting style of cloud. Because noctis's warping and dodging is very important for the gameplay. Since people loved the gameplay of ff xv i guess its all green lights for square enix to go with this combat system for ff7 remake

  3. final fantasy 12 lightning to win. I killed a lot things by casting reflectaga on my group and having everyone cast thundaga on the party. made like a 20 something hit thundaga on whatever enemy i was facing….. good times. good stuff

  4. Keep seeing people say ffxii was real time no no it was not the combat was a active wait time system kinda like Chrono trigger you still waited for your attack bar and spell bar to fill before you could act.

    In fact. the only thing real time in ffxii was the environment and monster encounter's

  5. So I've actually just hit level 99 and I personally have loved the battle system it took hours of grinding to get that level and I enjoyed every moment of it and the end game was just brilliant to boot

  6. the combat is fun, but i wish it was a bit more responsive. i understand that there's a recovery time, but sometimes it feels like it drags on way too long. switching weapons in the middle of a combo is a good way to mix up combat, but i wish there was a way to fight more on reflex than on a delay the way they have it. plus, i don't know if it's because it's day one, but sometimes i input a command and it just flat out doesn't work. like recently, i try to warp in a direction to traverse the field , but it won't warp at all.


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