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5 Mods you NEED to make Skyrim SE awesome on Xbox One!

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  1. hey nice vid : ) can you tell me does the vivid weather's mod stop you from seeing the original northern lights and amazing night skies skyrims vanilla already have and I'm wondering if that vivid weather's mod Is the mod with shooting stars?,thanks in advance

  2. I downloaded all of these and I'm trying to start a new game but the loading screen takes forever. I've gone 30 minutes and the game still hasn't loaded. anything I'm missing? (I also downloaded the dialogue overhaul and violens mods but they're both small so I can't imagine those having any major effect)

  3. Could you do a video where you show all the mods you use and maybe some explanation about load order and compatability? You also have really nice armor :).
    And is it true that using mods disables getting achievements?

  4. it's about time the Dragonborn grew some nuts. Personally, i'm shouting Delphine off that mountain. I can't stand her. Such an arrogant POS who does naff all yet questions the PC? Gtfo. ughh lol

  5. You do know that PC version of SKYRIM (SE) have the same mod system that SKYRIM(SE) on xbox !! the only difference is that PC version have nexusmods for more mods if you know to use it .

  6. I wish Mods didn't disable achievements in Skyrim SE. Sure some gamebreakinig balancing and cheat mods should disable it. But these beautiful cosmetic mods should not disable achievements.

  7. what i dont understand is why is it easier for modders to give us amazing textures and features yet Bethesda doesnt put as much effort in. Granted they improved alot in Fallout 4 but it just annoys me that it takes fans to make the game better for the rest of us.

  8. Why do people insist on spewing incorrect facts without taking five seconds to Google and check if what they are saying is right or wrong? PC has the exact same mod menu. It is incredibly easy to Google these things and save yourself from looking like an idiot.

    Some people just do not deserve technology.

    Also, stop shouting into the mic, incredibly annoying to listen to.

  9. the unofficial Skyrim special edition patch it just got me stuck in npc chat mode after i got the quest ……….(on pc Skyrim special edition using the in game modding tool/page/whatever)

  10. Guys, please keep in mind, if you are a Vampire, you CANNOT change your character's look in the Ragged Flagon; Galathil mentions she CANNOT work on the Undead, which is pretty disappointing (however, she CAN work on you if you're a Werewolf!)

  11. The thing about male characters is, most (not all of course) like to have their male character looking rough around the edges, hardy, but still heroic looking, or maybe scrawny, beaten up, but looks capable. But females always seem to look, less than what is imagined. But of course this is does not apply to everyone.


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