6 Gaming Assassins Who Are Actually Terrible At Their Job

Assassins have one job. To kill. And sometime they just can’t even do that!

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  1. we only know what 47 looks like because the game has shown us. If it were the real world nobody would really know what he looks like so no one can really anticipate him. And his disguises are not absolute, certain people can see through his disguises e.g if he is in a guard outfit other guards can tell he is not a guard.

  2. Ok, this "He has a bar code on the back of his forehead" argument is stupid. If you met a guy with a bar code tattoo would you call the police or the security on this guy? If in the game canon he never failed a hit, and the information that he has a bar code on the back of his head is not widespread, how you people guess that this means he's an assassin? He makes 90% of his kills look like accidents, the guy is a phenomenal assassin, there's nothing like that in real life. Real life assassins just whack people by shooting and get away with it by bribing and having influence.

  3. i guess you can count every assasin who gets close to kill a hero in any franchise scince they always get lost in their shabby talking about their victory instead of finishing their adversary off. this always provides enough time for their target to find a way out….

  4. Making jokes about cancer isn't funny. you three are disgusting. You behave like a few preteens that have just learnt how to swear and are showing off infront of each other. Fuck you guys. You're scum.

  5. I mean 47 can suck, but I mean I think the cannon of it is he always gets Silent Assassin rank. I mean yeah he is easy to distinguish but the big thining is no one knows who he is or what he looks like. Even is they know someone is trying to kill them they don't really have a picture to go posting up around their base saying "Look out for this dude."

  6. You guys are reaching with Captain Price. He's not an assassin, he's a spec ops officer. However, saying 47 is a terrible assassin is craziness! Not only are Hitman games the most authentic assassination games out there imo, but 47 is a super cool character who actually is more like a machine than a man. Look at the ending of Absolution SPOILER ALERT You find out that he only protected the girl because his handler told him to, but now that the agency has re-activated him, he kills the same girl that he was trying to protect just because he was ordered to. I would argue that makes him the perfect assassin; he never lets emotions get in the way of getting a job done properly.

    If you want an example of a poor assassin, look no further than Solid Snake. In the really real world, those 45 minute codec conversations would get him detected and killed. Also, he gets captured in most if not all of the games. That's like the worst thing that you want to do when you are on a mission behind enemy lines to assassinate someone. I guess I'm reaching too because it was only really in Snake Eater that he was doing a hit.

    Would 47 kill Solid Snake during an assassin duel? Here's an example: 47 finds some supply drop in the middle of the jungle and sets a timed mine on it. Then, he hacks into Solid Snake's codec and poses as some villain who is really a traitor who's really Snake's daughter (sorry Hideo Kojima) anyway, he gets Snake to walk over to the supply drop which is conveniently placed inside a room and then calls him on the codec. As he is explaining some elaborate dumb story, enough time is provided because Snake repeats the last sentence or words that 47 uses in each of his transmissions. Example:

    47 – Alright Snake, now you just need to get through that iron door.
    Snake – Iron door?
    47 – Yes, that metal object right next to you. That's right, push the square button to open it. Good job, it's like you were Chuck Norris opening that door!
    Snake – Chuck Norris?
    47 – Yeah! That actor in Walker Texas Ranger. You never heard of it. Ah well, it doesn't matter. Okay, now before we go into the room we need to cover our tracks, right? Make sure that nobody is following you.
    Snake – Following me?

    You get the idea. Then BOOM and 47 walks out of the mission area, making sure he ditches the gardener outfit and recovers his suit, because you don't want to leave any traces, do you?

  7. i completely disagree with agent 47 the bar code and suit are insignificant because of the fact he disguises multiple times a mission also don't ever remember anything about sex he was trained to have no human emotion

  8. Captain Price isn't an assassin
    i guess you can say tying someone in a chair and shooting them in the head or hang someone from the ceiling is an assassination
    but he only does it like 2 time and the rest of it is basically him shooting enemies with an assault rifle

  9. I do admit that Agent 47 is not a very good assassin. He just has all the luck in the world. The best assassins are unassuming people. Fat tourists, grandmas, servers, people who are diminuitive in stature, but have hidden skills that are never noticeable. But, the thing is that videogames and movies will never portray assassins in this way because real assassins are "boring and ugly."


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