A Giant Without a Place – Titanfall 2 Review

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Sadly, Titanfall 2 finds itself amongst HEAVY competition in the first-person shooter field during this busy Fall gaming season of 2016. Can it find a way to differentiate and compete with it’s “bigger” competition? FIND OUT in my review!

Check out my raw playthrough of the Titanfall 2 campaign here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FLgfwigkUJs&list=PL_QtSMEGimbylTu7D5CPivI_8TC6g6npv

And check out my multiplayer gameplay here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tld4Zk3D9hs&list=PL_QtSMEGimbwWCoPCjVNdWlPiDPyFprhn

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  1. The first Titanfall game came out on march 14th of 2014 and Advanced Warfare came out on november 4th of 2014 . Titanfall also had Pilot VS Pilot and we might know where Warfare got there inspiration from so we could say Advanced Warfare might have copied Titanfall. There is only so many ways to do PVP so you saying Titanfall 2 copied Call of Duty is in my opinion is foolish.

  2. This game is amazing,period.The mp is silky as,and the more you play it you realize that there is a lot of depth to mastering the titans.This is a poor inaccurate review,which just bashes the game.There is more titans coming,and this review is very simple.After 5 hours,you ran out of things to do.what a joke.

  3. Pilot vs pilot feels like a COD ripoff? If anything it's the other way round, recent COD games ripped off the movement and verticality from the original Titanfall.
    And as for why pilot vs pilot mode exists, it was added to the first game post launch because players were asking for a mode without mobs.

  4. its all about the titans  this game is not going no where ok, its an amazing game period!!!LIKE IN ALL GAME  everyone WILL get bored at a game that  you love playing it  over and over again its doesn't mean that  its a  bad game its just means you need to change it up every now and then that's all, the NATURE of this game in its a very high energy high  octane hardcore gameplay being always on the edge fast pace parkour being always freaking amazing to me that is its never boring just I tend to get warned out  tired that's all that's how intents I get I'm super into it so titanfall2 is here to stay I give it a 9.5 out of 10 when its comes to over all fun factors a 6.75 my ass you must suck balls at this game then sorry but your blind or crazy or boths

  5. Pilot v Pilot exists cause the CoD crowd didnt like/ couldnt deal with Titans and so demanded a Pilot only mode. It's dumb to buy a game called TITANfall and then complain you dont like the Titans being in the game.

  6. Outstanding Single Player campaign, and a rock-solid Multiplayer mode! They took all the feedback from the open beta and ran with it, and this Titanfall 1 veteran can tell you that TF2 is an evolution in almost every way. The movement is a lot smoother, the aiming feels better, burn cards are replaced with perks, and the unlocks and camo options will keep you playing for a good while.


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