Acer Predator X34 vs Asus PG348Q Review: Best Ultrawide Gaming Monitor 2016

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Should you buy the Acer predator X34 or the PG348Q? The Ultimate Ultrawide screen battle takes place with the Acer Predator X34 vs the Pg348Q. Both panels feature a 3440×1440 IPS display running at 100hz. Given they use the same panel, what differentiates these two behemoths? Well i’ve nailed it down to five different factors from quality control, chassis,
osd and user experience.

I would for sure say that the PG348Q is the best gaming monitor of 2016, with the X34 following in a close second. The XB271hu and PG278Q are both superb options as well for those wanting a more 16:9 experience or who don’t have the graphics horsepower (those who own a 1070 for example) to run 3440×1440 at max and 100hz.

In terms of performance required to run this panel, I use a GTX 1080 and have to lower down a few settings in battlefield 1 and the witcher 3 to get a solid 100fps. A 1080 will not max out everything and give you 100fps. You’ll need a 1070 sli setup for that.

A 1070 however is still a very capable performer at this resolution and frame rate.

If you were curious about the X34 vs the X34a, I’m unsure as to whether there is a difference in panel quality. I was told that the only differences between the two is the ergonomic options and an ‘improved’ OSD. The X34a also has an inbuilt headphone stand. At this stage, if asked between the X34a and PG348Q, I would still say the PG348Q is my gaming monitor of choice for 2016.

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  1. Except the x34 is like $500 less. I've got the XB271hu 1440p 165hz. Performs amazing. No quality issues at all. Love the lack of bezels. Logo I dont notice AT ALL especially at night. I liked the stand but went with a vesa desk mount because I like my desk clear and spacious. Asus is just more expensive and flashy, take the casing away and no diff imo. I havent played with the settings since calibrating it once.

  2. Have Asus one, amazing screen. have a bit of backlight bleed on all 4 corners, however can be noticed only in pure darkness and Very dark scenes, however 99% of time you cannot notice it. 100hz, great colors, IPS, Gsync and AMAZING SIZE will keep me using this monitor for years to come up until O-LED ultra wide will be a thing.

    Expensive, but amazing. Good luck!

  3. It really struck me. I'm sitting here with the Asus monitor, with the exact same firewatch wallpaper :B
    I am super happy about my choice of monitor. Altho i think i would have been just as happy if i chose the Acer one.
    Only thing is that i think the stand on the Acer feels more "neutral" than the Asus one.
    Apart from that, have no regrets at all 😀

    Nice vid btw 😉

  4. About to pair this with my 1080ti SLi build aiming for solid 100fps on almost everything. Just need Nvidia to get off their ass and launch the card, got $8000 sitting here waiting for the build -_-

  5. Can you run that monitor at 1080 with lets say 120 or 144 hz refresh rate? I know it's locked to 100hz at 1440 but what about lowering the resolution accordingly to 1080 and setting higher then that 100hz refresh rate. Is that possible with that monitor?

  6. I love my pg348q, couldnt agree more, The x34 to me just feels like a cheaper knock off of the asus, well worth spending a little extra to get the best. Hoping this year they release a 32/9 version 🙏🏽

  7. Can you record 2560×1440 gameplay with these monitors and how that works – you get 2560×1440 with black bars on both sides or just pure 2560×1440 footage?


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