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There are so many ways to web site creation.

Templates – Use templates for lucrative web site creation. Templates are provided by different web site designing and hosting companies to you. You do not need any knowledge of programming. Just fill in the places with the content you want and you are ready with your web site.

Wizards – Using wizard is a advanced way to web site creation. Wizards are simple, user friendly pages or formats which guide you through the process. It is very easy to create a web site following a wizard. Just do according to the instruction, fill in the places and finally your web site is ready.

Softwares- Use softwares like Dreamweaver and others to create web pages easily. There are guides for the new users. They will help you through the process with instructions and examples.

Website Builder – Many web site designing companies offer website builder softwares and applications. These are simple applications which help the user to create web pages and help them host it in a server.

Remote Scripting- It is a new technique and for the advanced users. You can use the web more dynamically. Some of such techniques are Ajax. You can also use some other content management systems (CMS) like Mambo and Joomla. You do not have to know code. This techniques and softwares will help you to create dynamic web sites. Lucrative web site creation is simple with remote scripting.

Server Side website creation – A web server can create an HTML page for you according to your need and time. Different scripting languages like ASP, ASP.NET, JSP, Perl, ColdFusion, Python, and Ruby etc are used in this process. All these technology will help you in creating a lucrative web site.

Client Side web page creation – For adding a look it is best. It is generally done through JavaScript.

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