AFUNTA Universal 360 degree Rotation Flexible Long Arms Mobile Phone Holde…

A Simple Click Really Helps

Price: £6.99

Brand Name: AFUNTA

This Universal mount holder is suitable for all populations, applicable to all mobile phone and most digital products, width less than 95mm, can protect your digital products, with 360 degree rotation and mounting clip.

Workshop/Car – If you are working on your car or in your workshop and you are following a How-To video, you will need your hands free. The FlexHold makes that easy by holding your phone for you wherever you want it to.

Bedroom – If your child wants to watch their favorite show at bedtime, or a few kids on a sleepover want to watch a movie, but you want them to relax and get sleepy, (which holding your Smartphone will not encourage.) Clip the FlexHold in place, pop the Smartphone in place and they can relax, watch and get sleepy.

Backyard – Are you having some friends over for a backyard party or BBQ and want the music from your phone, but not the risk of the pool water splashing or crumbs and splatter from the snacks? You guessed it, snap the FlexHold in place, pop in your phone a safe distance from those predatory snacks and chill.This Universal mount holder is ideal for holding your mobile device on bed, desk, car, beside sofa, workout equipment, etc.
Keep yourself “Handsfree” in your everyday life with the FlexHold Gooseneck Clamp for Cellphones.
Support All Mobiles and Cameras Wide Less Than 95mm or 3.7 Inches.
Easy Flex Control with 360 degree rotation for any Cellphone or Mini-Tablet up to 3.7 inches.
You can easily take the clip part from the goose neck and slide into the included Suction mount for car.

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