Angry Customer SMASHES Apple Store (VIDEO)

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An irate customer goes berserk in an Apple Store. Kim Horcher, Jayar Jackson, Jimmy Dore, and Brett Erlich, hosts of The Young Turks, break it down. Tell us what you think in the comment section below.

“Hell hath no fury like an Apple fanboy scorned.

A French customer Hulked out in an Apple Store in Dijon, smashing everything in sight, one slick item at a time. He employed a small steel ball, the kind usually used in the yard game pétanque. The rampage was captured by others in the store.

It appears the incident was sparked by a refund dispute. In between wrecking iPhone, MacBooks, and iPads, he says in French, “Apple is a company that ‘violated’ European consumers’ rights. They refused to reimburse me, I told them: ‘Give me my money back’. They said no. So you know what’s happening? This is happening!”

According to a local news report, the man was apprehended by a security guard and arrested, after causing considerable damage. Here’s a video of his attempt to flee the scene.”

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Hosts: Kim Horcher, Jayar Jackson, Jimmy Dore, Brett Erlich

Cast: Kim Horcher, Jayar Jackson, Jimmy Dore, Brett Erlich


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  1. just bring a huge neodymium magnet with you – although it may only scramble it for a period of minutes and after a restart be fine.
    also another option is to look for ios9 iphones and set back the date to 1 jan 1970.
    another option is to bring a mini lighter (but may get stinky), a tazer (if it's a loud place) or a mini drill. these are options if the phones are secured but there are no guards around.
    the safest way would be to hack them or use the 1970 bug – they won't realize it until it is too late.
    or you can buy them all and smash them in front of the store 🙂 (like that crazy chinese)

  2. This is a lot lest accurate then I would want it to be. He used a boule ball to destroy the products, he did over $50,000 worth of damage, and he broke his phone and when Apple would not replace it, he decided to destroy everything else. I suspect he was either drunk or or drugs or both


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