Anti Revoke – Keep those 3rd Party Applications on your iOS device

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Anti Revoke – Lets keep our 3rd Party Applications

What the hell does this even mean. Well if you are tied in to the iOS ecosystem like myself (which I love by the way) then you know that if you want awesome tweaks and customisations on your device then you pretty much need to be Jailbroken. Don’t worry if you don’t even know what that means. There are ways and means to install 3rd party applications on your iOS device without too much trouble, you accept a certificate (tells your device its trustworthy) and you can enjoy some sweet premium applications. Then a week later, dam Apple found out about the certificate and revoked it. This is where anti revoke comes on to its own.

If you don’t know what types of applications you can install via 3rd parties then check out this awesome guide here. there you will see all the awesome / premium ones you can install with no need for a computer and can be done in seconds. Or watch this awesome video by an absolute legend right here!

Now what this Anti Revoke certificate does is, as long as at the time of installing this black magic type of wizardry your 3rd party applications are running then this will ensure that you will have unlimited access to them forever!! Basically they will not get revoked, how sweet is this !

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Anti Revoke

Firstly massive kudos to Dino the legend in the iOS community, who provides amazing videos and tutorials on allowing some cool applications and tweaks to be installed on your NON Jailbroken device without the need for a computer, so from me to you AWESOME WORK MATEY!! – Not that you’ll read this but, hey, just in case – BIG Fan!

AntiRevoke Download Link (Safari) Updated 20th August 2017

AntiRevoke Backup Download Link (Safari) Just In case The Above Link Crashes Again Due To High Traffic

IMPORTANT For Those That Only See The VPN Toggle Option After Installing The No Revoke Profile. Navigate Back To Settings, Pull Down On The Screen Till The Search Is Visible, Type In VPN Then Tap on VPN With General Below It.

Joe Shenton (Developer Twitter)

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Now Lets Roll the VT and see this Anti Revoke in action

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