Apple Iphone 3G Review

Apple iPhone is much more than a mobile phone. It is a combination of music and video player, Internet and GPS device with camera functions all rolled into one incredible machine. The Apple iPhone generally includes wide touch screen facilities. The iPhone also supports a wide variety of audio and video content. Users of this phone can enjoy any kind of content like e-books, movies, TV shows and much more.

It has an inbuilt software system for its operating purpose. It also consists an amazing range of extra ordinary features such as those commonly known as 3G (Third Generation). One can expect the iPhone to feature:

· Wireless synchronization · GPS maps · Add on application · WiFi enabled.

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Unlike other mobile devices, it has a wireless synchronization, i.e. user can synchronize his/her contacts, address, emails store, manage his /her computer wirelessly.

Using GPS you can easily find any unknown area, street or place that will give you a digital and very user friendly user navigation.

The phone has a huge variety of pre-installed softwares with great and improved user interface that provides a better mobile experience.

Another beneficial feature of the phone is that it has an in built WiFi facility. In some countries GPRS costs a good amount of money, so WiFi capabilities allows them a zero cost Internet access at hotspots or WiFi areas.

Apple iPhone has a comprehensive keyboard with EDGE and Blue tooth technology and the weight of the gadget is about 132gm and it can easily fit into your pocket. It supports up to 5 hours of talk time and up to 16 hours of audio playback time.

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