Apple iPhone 3G S Review

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Apple iPhone 3G S is finally here. Basically, the phone is so much alike with the standard iPhone 3G. However, it is the inside that counts. You may say that the housing is same but the furniture is different complete with a renovation to make the house better. Yes, it is an overhaul on the inside but the outside remains the same.

The most significant change that you will realize in times to come is the Speed. Now, you might be wondering why the phone is called iPhone 3G S. The 'S' means speed. So, this new phone is all about speed. Check out the wonderful CPU. At 600 MHz, it is definitely faster than the standard iPhone 3G which is currently at 412 MHz. Apart from that, the RAM is said to be upgraded to 256MB which is double the standard phone.

You can get the phone with 16GB or 32GB storage. If you need more storage, go for 32GB. This new version is definitely picking up on popularity as it is much easier to use and the applications load faster than before. There is a statement from Apple that said the loading is twice as fast as before although no one can be sure of that. Still, you will be able to sense the change.

Now you can play many games without having to worry about the loading time. I am sure there is a significant amount of users who love to play games such as Resident Evil: Degeneration. Compare to the standard phone, this new iPhone is definitely hard to beat in terms of speed. There are many other games waiting for you so be sure to check them out as well if you have got the new phone.

The 480 x 320 display is nothing different but one thing you should know is that Apple is coming up with new technology that is going to make you very happy. Imagine having to constantly wipe the screen from any smudges, this time around, you just need to swipe swiftly at the side of your pants and voila, everything is gone. The technology is that the new iPhone is resistant against smudges and dirt. This is why you should love the phone. Unlike other phones that need a few swipes, you can clean up the whole screen with just one swipe.

The camera is being upgraded from 2MP to 3MP, which is not that impressive but still this is good enough for most of us. The software is excellent too as it is powered by iPhone OS 3.0. Apple boasts many great features and upgrades for the OS so you can expect great run on the iPhone 3G S. Last but not least, let us not forget about the 'copy and paste' feature that is being left out many times. This time however, you get to use the feature without any problems at all. There is a compass to boast about but unless if you are going for a hike or something, the compass does not do much at all. Google Maps on the other hand seems rather accurate and useful for most of us.

Overall, this is an excellent phone and of course, if you want to get a piece of this, make sure you either have enough money to buy it, or get ready to subscribe to any contracts that seems appealing and suitable for you. Since this phone is new on the block, the pricing is rather high but after a few months, the pricing might be reduced depending on the market and the popularity. Still, it is worth the money you pay.

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