Apple iPhone 7 Plus Review: Plus Finally Means Something

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There was a time when the an iPhone with a Plus simply meant a bloated version of the same device. It’s the main reason why I would really stir away from it in the past, as there was no added benefit in paying extra for a larger iPhone. Today things are different, as the iPhone 7 Plus has taken some dramatic steps into being a far better phone than its smaller sibling, and giving the name “Plus” a true meaning. Phablets are becoming more and more popular lately, so it only makes sense for Apple to finally take its approach to phablets seriously.

Whether this is the best smartphone to buy is really up to you, but what we do know is that it’s the best iPhone ever made.


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  1. Capacitiv buttons don't use heat to touch,
    anything that is conductive or has a dielectric different from air will make the buttons active! Thats why you can use some gloves or a rubber stylus with them.
    Also they removed the headphone jack for the altimeter & pressure sensor so there is no room for the jack!

  2. I just impulsively brought a 128 GB version off Amazon. I've had 3 Ipads and 2 Ipods, never had an IPhone. So excited to see what Apple brings, this is coming from a guy using a Galaxy S7. 😊😎

  3. Watching the video from my lovely amazing outstanding rose color 256 Iphone 7 plus …❤️️❤️️❤️️❤️️❤️️….the speakers 🔊 just oh my god…the display 👁 oh my lord ….the battery 🔋oh my gosh…..
    How can still peoples comparing it with a note 8 or whatever?!?? … people's never fails to amaze me 😕

  4. it seems these reviews are so back handed. With each positive note he always needs to throw in his pessimistic opinion on it. I enjoy an honest review, but these just takes away from the entertaining aspect of it and its clear he has something against Apple

  5. I want the forehead top and bottom to shrink to make it easier to handle. I'm 6"1 and still have trouble. But other than that I love it. Writing this on my matte black iPhone 7 plus 🙃


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