Apple iPhone 7 Real Audio Review: No headphone jack?

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It’s the first iPhone with stereo speakers. It’s also the first iPhone to remove the headphone jack and use a digital port to send audio out to your headphones. So how does this hardware really perform? We’re using this phone to launch a new series here at Pocketnow, examining audio performance while SOME phones still have headphone jacks…
iPhone 7 speaker samples
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  1. From all of the bashing of the lightning port headphones I've seen around YouTube and the fact that there is no more headphone jack, I figured the included lightning port headphones would be trash.

    They're pretty bad ass, clear with plenty of base. I've owned the Iphone 7 plus for a few weeks. Today was the first time I used them

  2. So with the adapter for headphones it's only capable of 16 bit audio, but the phone is capable of 32 bit audio. If using high quality Bluetooth headphones, is the full 32 bit audio attainable?

  3. had such a hilarious heated discussion today with an iPhone user and Mac users. I knew what was going to happen but tried anyway. I asked him what he thought about the removal of the hpj and he replied "its old tech, they are saving space and pushing tech forward because soon everyone will be using Bluetooth anyway" I replied that's what Apple said but what do you think but he didn't like it. Spent about 15 mins trying to educate him about audio and shared this video but he flat refused to believe the real reason Apple removed it . It was a really annoying conversation because I was stating facts and he was repeating what Apple said with no evidence … I learnt what I knew there is NO point trying to reason with an iPhone user in the Apple eco system because even though they may know your telling the truth they will still say we'll Apple said this so it must be true…..!

  4. Thanx for this audio review of the iPhone7.This was what my main concern was if I should upgrade to the 7 from a 6+.I have no issue with the missing headphone jack. the lighting port wasn't going to be used just for charging like Schiller explained at the Apple Event.Looking forward to more audio with the Pixel. Im a fan of both Apple and Google:) Im picking up a Nexus5 this weekend, can't wait:)

  5. Now Apple fanboys, have some says about iPhone7 Audio Quality? Is the audio quality getting better on the lightning port – NO, it's proved to be worse (Courage… hah?) / What about the wireless solution – Still sh*tty as it used to be, no improvement (huh?). Have some says!

  6. "Consistency is really important when trying to grade which smartphone does better. "

    Exactly, this is why one can look up your earlier year or more old videos on either audio or camera and more easily spot the difference 😊

  7. Finally somebody is seriously reviewing audio on smartphones! Every time I read a review and when it comes to audio they talk exclusively about speaker performance, my eyelash starts trembling

  8. I think a lot of lightning ports are going to fail for all thew pulling and yanking from headphones, it was never made to take the abuse a headphone jack was made to take, never mind no charging and enjoying wired headphones at the same time without $$$ buying a more expensive adapter.

    But Apple did the math, like they did when they got rid of cd and dvd drives, which they determined to be taking sales away from itunes music and movie downloads, and they could than overprice and sell an external drive, not pass the deletion of the drive cost to customers and make their devices thinner, not to mention push developers, artists, and consumers to the mac and iphone, ipad app store where they get at least 30% on other peoples work.

    I believe Apple will expand the deletion of the headphone jack to ipads, pods, and possibly macs.

    make a Problem where there was none, create demand for something better, deliver your preplanned solution
    Create a demand when there is none, save cost, dont pass on the savings to loyal consumers

    $$$$$$$$$, instead make it cumbersome and awkward to listen with wired headphones with a dongle, lower audio quality.

    Than Wahlah introduce your wireless and hires 24bit wired solution along with hires downloads and streaming.$$$$

    Every device for it has to be licensed through Apple, meaning they are making money they could not with the regular headphone jack there.

    It is not for thinness or convenience, a 2.5mm jack would have been just as thin and a dongle is not convenient, definitely not for sound quality.

    Headphone makers who never had to give Apple a penny, will be tempted to license use of the lightning port for their headphones, a revenue stream Apple would never have had with a proper headphone jack.

    Now Apple just needs to allow Hires 24 bit audio quality (but only through the lightning port) pretty much forcing headphone makers who want to play to pay.

    Of course first they will reveal some of their own, although philips and a few others have been around over a year with lightning headphones for a huge premium.
    I think HTC 10 and LG V10,V20 are doing it right, giving all headphones with wires respect, while also embracing compressed bluetooth, USB-c headphones, and hopefully in the near future uncompressed wifi headphones.
    Take care great review.

  9. please when you can get a good openback headphone.
    Philips 9500, fidelio x2, seen 600 650 800 bt 880
    focal elear ath r70x etc.
    would be great to see a headphone review since audio is becoming big in phones and apple asd others now have their own wired and wireless phones

  10. Please get audio samples back, it always good listening to the audio with your own ears. Add them at the end of the video please. That way, if people don't want to listen to audio samples, they don't have to.


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