Apple iPhone 7 vs LG V20 4K video stabilization comparison

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These are two of the most capable camera phones of the second half of 2016: Apple’s iPhone 7 and LG’s V20. Apple’s iPhone 7 is also the first non-Plus iPhone that comes with optical image stabilization (OIS) in addition to the traditionally included digital stabilization, and this made us even more curious to compare how stable are its videos.

LG’s V20, on the other hand, also features OIS along with nifty manual controls, and it’s a worthy contender.

Which one did better in terms of video stabilization?

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  1. You sir are retarded, the iPhone file is rendered out on a lower bitrate as you can see, the buffer rate is wayyy lower than it should be, if i rewatch footage from my iPhone 6S it never has those gigantic squares when i pan away, manipulative cunt.

  2. The stabilization is not going to make up for you wildly swinging the cameras from side to side. Can't even tell because you didn't realistically try to make a good video.

  3. Honestly, while people are going with the V20, I have to disagree, and say the iPhone 7 has the superior stabilization. Why? Well, the digital stabilization seems extremely aggressive on the V20, and causes unnatural looking movement at times, and stretching, as it attempts to stabilize electronically, in addition to the hardware stabilization.

    I'd suggest another comparison with the digital stabilization disabled, if possible.

  4. ok people lg v20 has battery changing feature.upto 2 terabyte support hold on..ya I know within 2 year it will be available 2 terabyte card. wide angle camera new type of experience. the audiodec newget.i mean apple is gud phone I using apple but here wht the hack apple doing with the camera here.

  5. Bitrate on this video makes the comparison tough, but the V20 is more stable. The contrast on the iPhone 7 is higher, but also makes dark areas too dark. The V20 seem to be capturing more light.

  6. I honestly wish that the LG V20 was by far the best, but I'm seeing more jello / rolling shutter effect, bouncing, and hitching. That's also what people seem to be saying elsewhere. If someone with a bit of actual expertise could explain why so many people here think that the LG's stabilization is better, I'd love to hear it.

  7. V20 has better stabilization, because the v20 is using the EIS from the snapdragon processor. Ppl say contrast is better on iphone but I think think LG has more true to life colors


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