Apple iPhone 8 – Future Screen: Concept Trailer (2016) – Full HD

Introducing the all new Apple iPhone 8 & 8 Plus Concept

Apple iPhone 8 – Reveal Trailer 2016 Full HD
All New Amazing Design with Full Front – Edge Screen

iPhone 8 Specs:
– Full Front Edge Screen
– 6″ (inch)
– 4K Display Resolution
– Microphone at the top
– Dual Speakers
– No Headphone Jack (Lightning Port)
Thinner & Lighter than iPhone 7 or iPhone 6S, 6S Plus:
– 6.5mm Thin, Weight: 115gram
Front Camera:
– 8MP – FullHD Video Recording (FaceTime)
Rear Camera:
– 16MP – 4K Video Recording
– Wireless Charging
– Home Button/ Fingerprint Sensor on the Right Side
– Enable/Disable Software Home Button
– Same Body as iPhone 7 – Bigger Display (6″)

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  1. is it actually confirmed that this coming 2017 that is what it looks like ????
    well i guess an iphone 7 is cool but the new iphone is kinda cool i guess… anyways is it true?? no offence tho just asking

  2. Ok the thing is how in the world are people going to here you on the phone if the mic in on the top see it dose not macke any science that is why if this is true apple is going crazy and if this is facke they did not think of the destine

  3. Okay get yourselves together, people in the comments. These are the same people that removed a headphone jack to make room for a new vibrating engine or something. These are the same people that copy the same design generation after generation. I'm just wandering around, looking at these hilarious concepts for a phone that's supposed to be a successor to a phone that came out a month earlier. Get yourselves together.

  4. First of all the a great appreciation for your work.
    But there are some cons;
    1st is that camera dot while watching movies.
    Apple is never gonna do that, there are some bezzels for it.
    And while animating if in after effects why had u made that motion so laggy or stuttery.
    U must use key frames in specifed genuine time.
    By the way, I am Milind from Techscinium.
    Techscinium is my official channel check it out i have 10K subs.
    I liked your work, i see you want to grow on youtube, i can support you and promote your channel.
    You can be my friend if you want,
    Reply me in affirmative on my mail:

    And please, i am not a doing any spam, i can't tell you about myself more vis mail, because its confidential.
    Thank You.


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