Apple iPhone Features

The Apple iPhone was released on June 29, 2007 and Apple created frenzy among consumers when it was first announced in January during the MacWorld conference. The iPhone is a very innovative cell phone because of it is not only a cell phone but a multi-media gadget that caters to a person's many needs.

AT & T is the exclusive carrier for the Apple iPhone until year 2009. The agreement was cemented since 2005.

Features of the Apple I Phone

Besides the usual cell phone features like SMS and visual voicemail capability, along with a 2.0 mage pixel camera, the Apple iPhone offers its users internet based feature like email and web browsing. The Apple iPhone has a touch screen with a virtual keyboard and buttons to navigate and control cell phone.

The iPhone's touch screen LCD display is 3.5 inches and can be used using a person's fingers. The iPhone has predictive text input, spell check capabilities and even a dictionary for a quick consultation. The iPhone also has a music library which is more user friendly than earlier iPods. The iPhone can also play videos and TV on its wide LCD screen. The built in Wi-Fi features a Safari Web Browser and can enable web browsing with ease without the usual web page display hiccups on normal cell phones.

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The iPhone's built-in battery is rechargeable and has up to 5 hours talk / video / browsing time and up to 16 hours of audio playback time. A replacement battery will cost approximately $ 79.

What it Lacks

Although the Apple iPhone is packed with amazing features, it lacks some features that are already present in other cell phones like Multi-media sending, Bluetooth file transfer features, an external Memory Card Slot, GPS capability, voice dialing and recording and few more. Additional features might be released for the iPhone through iTunes over the internet. Software updates will most likely be related to security, Flash support and maybe a mobile chat client.

The Cost

Consumers can get hold of an iPhone for $ 499 with a 4 gigabyte memory while the 8 gigabyte version retails for $ 599. Prices quoted are in US Dollars.

Source by Ray Lam

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