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Since the announcement of the release of the new iPhone from Apple news and media have been swarming over the subject. There are many nay sayers in this particular topic, but if you look into what the iPhone offers I think you’ll agree this phone is very impressive.

The iPhone for starters doubles as an iPod with 4GB of memory packed into this little metallic beast of a cell phone. What this means to you is an easy integrated PC/Mac interface for uploading MP3 and iTune visual media. Visual media being TV shows and movies.

For those shows and movies, the iPhone has an impressive wide-screen for viewing. The only con I can think of in regards to the viewing of media is the fact that the type pad as well as application launching is also the screen. French fry fans be cautioned.

The iPhone is web capable and is equipped with the latest in mobile web browsing technology. The phone uses the application Safari for it’s HTML viewing and is capable of doing close up zoom shots in seconds of any web page you may be interested in.

The most impressive feature of this phone I think is the voice mail feature. You can view voice mails in the form of visual contacts and simply tap the voice mail from the contact you actually want to hear instead of listening through a whole random track of voice mails. Apple was really thinking of time savings when they thought up that one.

The iphone allows you to take pictures which is nothing too new just as much as internet access probably isn’t. What is new is that wi-fi connection can be switched from b to g mode. G mode is obviously going to put more Internet applications into a gear we’ve yet to see.

The keypad feature that is actually in the screen as touch mode has a new feature that auto corrects spelling errors. Common with small smart phone pads, errors will be reduced thus saving time again.

In terms of music, you already heard it doubles as an iPod. Making an extra step in the technology for the iPhone however is the ability to browse play lists by album artwork or by title. The technology put into the iPhone enables this to be a fast and speedy process as with all the applications within this new phone.

The iPhone address book allows for seamless phone calls simply by tapping an image, address, or number of who you want to call. They have integrated the same technology for the Google maps so you can imagine how simplistic finding and calling places will be. Goodbye 411!

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Source by Aaron Siegel

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