Apple leaks the ‘Magic Toolbar’ for the new MacBook Pros

A Simple Click Really Helps

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New MacBook Pro details are accidentally leaked by Apple in macOS Sierra for the rumored ‘Magic Toolbar’

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  1. Man, Apple really needs to stop calling everything magic. There's nothing magic about it and it's not even a new idea. What next, 'magic monitor' because it uses different shaped pixels?

  2. i think apple will try to introduce a full digital keyboard which is like the magic tool bar and the keys will have haptic feedback & this is them slowly getting it into the market, like they did with the iPod to iPhone

  3. what do you guys think the keyboard's gonna be? i'm betting they will make it like the 12" macbook. just when razer made its laptop has mechanical keys, apple ditched the function keys for more touchpad/screen. lmao

  4. First the stupid butterfly keys with no travel, then the disappearance of an entire row of keys, why is Apple trying to kill the physical keyboard? its the only reason people still use laptops


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