Apple October 27th Mac Event Announced – What To Expect!

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NEW Apple October 27th Event for 2016 MacBook Pro, iMacs, 5K Display + More. Everything You Need To Know!



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  1. Unbelievable, crappy hardware and an exorbitant price and still Apple fanboys are excited about a new version. When it comes out or short after it Skylake is already outdated by Kaby Lake. 🙂
    The one thing I like about these laptops is that touch gimmick, you don't realy need it but it is nice. The SSD seems to be pretty good. Other than that it is all mediocre. If you have a lot of money to spent there are many much better laptops, if you want bang for the buck there are many much better laptops, You want light and thin? Lots of choice. This product doesn't seem to have any specific group of customers in mind.

  2. Hay Apple The Only Thing You Are Innovating At Is How Get More MONEY From People i Have Been Pumping Up Apple For Over 20 Years and Now i Am Starting to Hate You Apple and PS YOU DISABLING THE COMMENTS ON YOUR YOUTUBE PROFILE IS WEEK AND COWARDLY Because You Know You Are Sucking Rite Now

  3. BOO Apple You Are No Longer The Company I Loved And Supported Your Lack Of Support For Pro Users is Insulting MEANING THE MAC PRO Tim Cook You Should Fucking Resign You Are NO Leader and You Suck Ass You Are No STEVE JOBS He Would Be Ashamed Of Apple Now Ya you Make Money on Your Iphone and Stuff You Greed is Sickening You Prices are ridiculous and Steve Was About Changing The World You Are Not Innovative You Just Do Things Just To Get By ( I AM JUST SO DISCUSSED RITE NOW IN APPLE I Needed a Up Dated Mac Pro 6 Moths Ago

  4. Thank god I bought the 2015 MacBook Pro 15 with retina because this new one is a piece of shit. Just saying… 🙄 apple 🍎 seriously… ever since Steve jobs passed away you've gotten extremely lazy with designs and hardware. The apple 🍎 logo doesn't even light up anymore. Graphics card is so so and why in hell don't you have a 1 Tb hard drive right off he bat. Why make the costumer wait? The screen isn't touch and if you could upgrade the laptops 💻 to the specs you want, would be great… nope apple 🍎 doesn't listen or doesn't give a shit about its customers like me and millions of others. Steve RIP 🙏🏻 thank for he's not here to see this shit

  5. Air pods are terrible for the price. They are the same crap plastic that falls out of your ears even when your not moving. They sounds terrible. By some wireless earbuds from any other company from the same price and you get 3 times the quality. Now of course they dont have touch gestures on them but who CARES?????


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