Apple Special Event October 2016 (HD) | Macbook Pro 2016

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Absoloutely no copyright intended. I have met all of YouTubes needs to make sure the video is not copyrighted (hence some cut bits), but will happily take it down if Apple asks me to.




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  1. Motorola invented unbreakable display.

    Acer produces silent liquid cooled 2 in 1 tablets with ssd and i7 processor.

    Xiaomi created ceramic smartphone with 6 gb ram, 821 snapdragon, almost frameless display and 4400 mah battery!!!
    Apple removed the headphone jack, usb 2,3, hdmi, sd card, glowing logo, magsafe and markets an ios device with a keyboard and stylus as a pro machine.

    Ok Tim Cool, i will upgrade my mac and iphone but i will do it with another company which is not as greedy as you.

  2. Yeah! Finally an additional Display over the keyboard that forces me to move my focus off the main screen down towards the keyboard.
    Can't wait to sell my ThinkPad to buy this expensive & beautiful piece of slow hardware to reduce my productivity. :'D

    I'd say apple totally screwed up this release. 😀
    Especially love the beautifully silent reaction to the height comparison! :D

  3. Well they shouldn't have compared Android vs Ios update statistics. Android is open source and phones updates are controlled by third partie manufacturers, is far good customizable than 'the jail' ios.

  4. if anyone reads this
    .the GPS . And magnetic wave with NFC on G. light..perfection of calibration..from DOPPLER HALO INSIDE MY dick Cheney heart disease red cells LIVE LOVE and deadpool. well LOVEmachine lol,!!

  5. oh ya one more ..galaxy light..enhanced together with. properly capped ORPAHANED MEDTRONIC , sprint lead……and more…NFC and Ultra high res…fax compression…from Medtronic protect xr(cry no). The Samsung with Thoratec heartmate 2 LVAD lvas ver. 2.9999


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