Apple’s future MacBooks may have e-ink keyboards (CNET Update)

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New MacBooks are expected to be unveiled on October 27. Reports say the updated laptops will have a touchscreen strip and fingerprint reader. But the next round of Macs could be even more unique.

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  1. Instead of getting dungles for the MacBook Pro why wouldn't you just get type c stuff like type c flash drive, type c hdmi etc and then one adaptor for the sd card slot.

  2. Ok so MS and apple are to publish new stuff just one day separated, I like both companies but when it comes to computer, I really don't care about apple…waiting for the new products of the surface devices!

  3. I've been saying E-INK keyboards/LCD programmable keyboards will be the way of the future for a long time now…. But like always Apple/Macintosh is late to the party "Lenovo yoga book" has it already oh shit IT FOR android and Windows… Apple has never innovated or come up with anything unique themselves in a long time enjoy the next lawsuit Apple someone's going to sue you over the e-ink keyboards design


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