Apple’s iPhone 7 still outperforms the Google Pixel, but the Pixel’s camera is better (Apple Byte)

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An Apple iPhone 7 has exploded, New iPad Pro rumors point to powerful specs in 2017, and we remember Steve Jobs on the 5th anniversary of his passing.

Pixel vs iPhone: 5 things Google does better:
iPhone 7, reviewed:
iPhone 7 Plus: our photo field test:
Did the iPhone 7 survive our water test?

Apple Byte: Extra Crunchy:
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  1. I don't care if the 'pixel' is free and has a 90Mp camera. Google tracks your every move and reads your emails. That alone should make people avoid it and every other 'android' device like the plague.
    Actually paying for the privilege of your privacy being tracked and sold to ad companies is absolute idiocy.

  2. Apple does not manufacture displays. Samsung or LG will be releasing an edge to edge display well in advance of Apple – this is just another BS holographic keyboard rumour that the iPhone 4S was supposed to have. Secondly, the if Apple was only, just now, granted a patent for on-screen fingerprint technology then you can be sure this is years away from happening.

    It's amazing the BS that gets thrown out there, and this guy is probably one of the worst culprits.

  3. the only reason apple runs better even when on lesser tech its software is so well made and optimized you wouldn't even notice a difference. not a fan boy I swap from time to time.

  4. I feel like iPhone 7 benchmark tests are a bit redundant at this point. It's all repeating the same thing. The iPhone 7 is faster than any current Snapdragon/Exynos chip. So of course it's going to show that in benchmarks…

  5. The iPhone only out performs Pixel in benchmarks. Pixel has a much better screen, AI, battery, slightly better camera, and once the iPhone's battery dies it takes much longer to recharge. Most of this video isn't even about the pixel or iPhone.

  6. I think you are quite deluded but then can anyone ever get sense out of an Apple fan?The Pixel XL has 20% more battery capacity with an OLED screen that consumes less power than the 'always on' backlight of the iPhone 7 – do your sums on this even though the Pixel XL has 1.8 more pixels for a sharper, crispier, higher contrast image – it simply piddles on the iPhone. Then the Pixel XL has the fast charging option, the camera has a higher dynamic range (look at the tests of the PC magazine) and it has 4GB RAM instead of just 3 for the iPhone. The Pixel XL has a half glass back which means superior reception and the camera is flat with the back surface. It also has a headphone jack and the phone can be charged while using it with the headphone without having to use an ugly 'in-Apple like piece of shit called an adaptor. Honestly what are you thinking about.There is no competition between the Apple iPhone 7 and the Pixels XL unless Apple drops the price by 50% and promises to give, free of charge, the next version of the iPhone to its customers – a phone the MIGHT have the functionality of the Pixel XL or the Note 7 that already exist today.

  7. This vlog is bit odd. You have an apple fan boy reviewing Android. Unsurprisingly saying its not as good as the iPhone 7 but then grudgingly saying its got a better camera?. Then spending the rest of the video telling everyone about rumor. Lets stick to the facts shall we. Apple make excellent products fact. Android isn't always shit. Fact. Another shock horror fact is this. Mobile Tech is stagnating. Sales around the world are plateauing. Does that mean tech companies aren't making money. No it doesn't. But does it mean we need to see more out there than copy cat phones and oh my look at your crappy wired headphone jack its so old and rubbish and oh look we also have 2 cameras. The leap from iphone 5 – 6 was awesome. A complete redesign. The leap from iphone 6 – 7 hasn't been anywhere near as exciting. Blame it on what you like its the reason why even Apple is losing money on phones. Its also the reason this dipshit vlogger spent HALF THE VIDEO talking rumor. Lets wait and see shall we I'm expecting BIG things to happen for the iphone 8.

  8. all that new speculation on new apple features will not come apple shit tier products are hyped up with delusions and empty promises it amazes how stupid apple users have gotten. where's my fast charging or multi screen muh dual camrea muh projector . how about you wait a little before you make asses of yourself waiting in the cold for a slightly newer slab of metal.


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