Apple’s MacBook Pro Event in Under 4 Minutes

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Apple held an event on their campus in Cupertino to announce a new MacBook Pro and TV App. Here is everything they talked about at the event in under 4 minutes!

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  1. I used to hate Windows, but I'll have to get used to it since Adobe CC runs just fine on it. Sorry Apple, but your vapid, arrogant, horrible hardware decisions, combined with your obscene pricing structure just made you irrelevant. Here, let me tell you a quick story… QuarkXpress.

  2. Here comes the ridiculous overpricing like always. With the price of one of these, you can build a small, powerful, portable, and fancy mini ITX PC thats literally the size of half a cereal box that can fit in your backpack. It is also possible to run Mac OS for those that wish. Yea yea… I know this is a "mac" channel, but my main point goes out to a good portion of the population that cant afford a high end and priced portable computer. As to the only con would be needing a power source and Monitor.

    I personally think thats why Apple disabled the comments section, because their products are simply overpriced and a generation behind from others, knowing they would get negative feedback from the honest keyboard gods.


    I hope this does not start a thread of negative comments as I simply wanted to remind you guys that there is alternative options out there!


  3. ugh, stop killing ports apple. I'll be holding onto my current MBP until you fix the ports problem you've created and let me use the magsafe chargers we already own. smh.

  4. I use Windows at work, some Dell 15 inch and it is a pain to work with this thing. It is heavy, big, looks cheep, has bad screen resolution – even it is Full HD I can see every pixel, and it is not capable of opening 5 big excels with outlook, Word documents, couple of chrome pages, and some business applications. I have 16GB of RAM on that machine and I have to restart it at least once a day – I usually switch it off when leaving and back on when starting. I usually don't restart my MacBook Pro for months when there is no update – I just open it and everything is there instantly. I barely close any app, I also have 16GB of memory and when it sometimes gets slower, I just restart Chrome. The MacBook Pro doesn't lag, I can actually use the trackpad as my only navigation on MacBook with better experience than mouse. When I sit on my couch and want to work with that stupid Dell, I just can't use the trackpad. It has so bad response, tries to gimmick apple trackpad with gestures which is just not working and I have to sit at the table and use mouse to be able to answer some emails.

    Computer is not about specs. I see better specs don't guarantee better performance and better experience. I like to just open the computer to have everything instantly on and not to wait 5 minutes to boot up – mostly because all the policies which get applied – but 5 minutes is still very long. I don't want to start opening all my applications every morning, also I want to sit at some coffee shop not to carry mouse and power cable to last at least 5 hours. My Dell lasts for max one hour and 30 minutes after one year and an half. When I got it, it could go for 5 hours, the time really just makes the battery worse. I have my MacBook Pro 15 inch the same time, one and an half year. the battery lasts for 7-8 hours depending on what I do. And I use both computers the equal time each working day, on weekends I use MacBook only so I use it more often then Dell.

    Not sure somebody reads long comments but final thoughts: MacBooks Pro are better for every day work, more durable and last longer, the price just gets back at the end. I will sell this MacBook for 70% of its original price and I buy new one. I wouldn't be able to sell that Dell for 30% of it's original price if it was mine. I had 4 MacBook computers before and I was able to sell all of them between 70 – 80% of original price. So I only add some money to the newest model, not the whole price, plus "Apple tax" which I don't agree to higher the prices, but I know I will get stability and performance – computer won't crash when I'll decide to cut some video or what ever CPU difficult.

  5. Wow. Looking to purchase a Macbook pro for remixing.. When you upgrade to 16gbm Logic Pro, etc, this is nearly 3,000. INSANE> I guess I'll be researching PC

  6. so first off, I want to say this is a complete scam. People still buying Apple have to be morons and just follow trends because this product is already out dated on release. You can buy products three times cheaper and 10x better then this current MacBook. please don't be fooled by the touch screen tool bar. The cheapest MacBook is 1500$ and it DOES NOT include the stupid touchpad anyway. whatever happened to research before spending a large sum of money? Now we just take a criminal organizations word for it who obviously want you to buy what they are selling. Apple are scam artists! They refuse to give the consumer what they actually want, instead they brainwash there buyers, take there money and sell them shit.

  7. But seriously I'm really struggling right now to justify why I should continue to buy apple products. I've been faithful for years. I always buy used Apple computer products. Can't justify the cost for new ones but the phone I am literally fed up. My iPhone pales in comparison to my wife's s7

  8. 💩 <—- guys this is an emoji of a turd, not that little chocolate wrapped in silver as I thought, and was sending it to my boss and friends all this time. I am now an unemployed. 😭


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