Apple’s new mainstream MacBook Pro

A Simple Click Really Helps

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It doesn’t have the new Touch Bar, but almost everything else has been revamped.

Top 5 things Apple’s new MacBook Pros are missing:
Does the new Macbook Pro revolutionize laptops?:
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  1. It's funny, most people are complaining but in reality none of them was going to buy it anyways. Maybe a small percentage was going too, but you not wanting a laptop because it doesn't have a glowing logo is ridiculous.

  2. Apple. Moving Forward – and leaving their customers behind. Style over substance. Form over function. Price over practicality. This is a fashion accessory – not a pro machine.

  3. So you cant use ur USB flash drive, external HDD, u cant add your camera, memory card, printer, mouse if you ever need, you need to buy a connector for that feature. Killing an universal feature will not make you innovative, it will make you better iDiot.

  4. im wondering what the render time on this macbook pro has vs the new razer laptop or any top gaming laptop at that price point. i have not bought an apple product since the failed ipod that died forever so its been 15 years im seeing their phones and macs but im over like meh not yet. i want apple to be for me what the ipod was when i first got it, Amazing and unlike any other product, perhaps one day i will buy an apple product but how long will i wait to be wowed.

  5. I'm currently using my late 2013 Macbook Pro Retina and realizing that Apple is almost certainly not going to be my next computer purchase. (And of course not my next phone purchase hahahahah). I had a Mac-Mini before this for awhile and loved it too. But it seems their success has taught them they can start milking their loyal consumers HARD and I'm not going to continue supporting that kind of behavior.

  6. Why apple making the users look stupid now. We believed in you. But now you just doing stupid stuff.

    How dare you overcharge for this piece of crap! I refuse to be about that dongle life and what about the magsafe. YOU GOT RID OF THE MAGSAFE! THAT'S JUST REGRESSIVE RIGHT THERE.

    What I need with a damn touch bar when I can barely get basic functionality out of a pretty ass laptop that cost 3 grand.

  7. my Dell XPS l702x (2011) had a touch strip for East access to major control option. agreed it dint have a moving touch mini screen, but the buttons were touch and not physical ones. so Apple invented this huh??? CNET is a disgusting Apple as kisser. how much did you seek your soul to Apple guys? shame

  8. 15" macbook pro upgrade i7 3.6 GHz 16 GB RAM 2 tb HDD 4 vram cost you $4,000 it's too expensive

    to a new person to buy a laptop a normal person would be looking to buy a good laptop in there 1000 to 1500 or 2000 $

    only if it is it a person crazy Apple fan to buy a MacBook Pro to waste a $4,000

  9. "Mainstream mac book pro" only $1,800 lol with a 256 gig hard drive, no integrated graphics, a subpar processor you can get in a windows laptop for less than $500..


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