Apple’s Touch Bar or Microsoft’s Dial? One outshines the other (CNET Update)

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This week, both Apple and Microsoft showed off new ways to interact with computers, leaving consumers to pick between a strip and a puck.

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  1. The Surface Dial also works with the Surface Book, Surface Pro 4 and even 2 year old Surface Pro 3. It would cost an extra $99 so technically it is still way cheaper than TouchBar on a MacBook Pro which would cost you $1800.

  2. No worth comparing. The Touch Bar is a distraction rather than a productivity tool such as the Surface Dial. Heck, the Dial can only be compared to a real input device like Mouse or Keyboard. The Dial is true innovation!

  3. I totally understand how the touch bar could be useful. It's adding buttons and sliders onto a keyboard where your fingers are active. I'm having a hard time understanding how this dial is going to be useful. It looks extremely gimmicky. If Apple released the dial everybody would be calling it a gimmick.

  4. One sits on desk, one is portable. Why we are trying to compare two different things in 2 different fields? Win fan said Apple was not creative, Apple fan said Win look cheap and worst OS ever (win 10). But personally, I think they are both good and creative, because they are not doing same things. Technology battles are the most interesting but also the most aggressive wars. There is no wrong to say MS is leading Win to a high-tech than ever, but touch screen on laptop for writer or gamer is not a big problem, the touch bar is about the same. Touch phones are good while it has a tiny screen or small screen, but on the big devices, it might not that great. However, for artist, MS did a great job for that better option than Wacom. For Apple, they are more about editing than drawing because they also have iPad Pro. Apple was a brand for luxury since it started. If they pull all things together into 1 device like MS, there is no way they can have a good selling number because of its super high price. Moreover, Apple is like an old man, who want to make sure everything smooth and best at each single thing. They use too many time to test and publish very late. That's why they are behind the tech's growth. But that's also the reason why Mac OS run much faster than Windows in same spec. MS is faster in finding new things and create it. They are the leader in Win line. Same with iPhone and Samsung Galaxy phones, they all have their shares in the market. There is no win or loose in this case. One is better about functionality, one is better about speed and hardware. They are both super expensive and top if high-end tech around the world. The only wondering is you like Mac OS more or Windows OS more.

  5. … IMHO, I'll imagine the touch bar is going to be a hand-neck-eye coordination nightmare. I can't see a touchbar would best the productivity of target and tap on a touchscreen. Furthermore, a multitouch touchscreen can be softwared into presenting any number of touch UIs like dials, knobs, swypes, jog, buttons, scroll bars, and scrub… but a diminutive touch bar are limited to…. As for the surface dial, I think, at best, its a specialist complement, which may be best applied for actions that naturally involves an analogue knob. I prefer dialing through menus or features though. It keeps my eyes focused on the screen. Its a fallacy to claim using a touchscreen fatigues, because you'll still need to lift your hands to scrub the touchbar. Doubly tiring too, since you have to look up and down.

  6. I think it's funny that people are getting offended by some liking one option and others another. It doesn't matter if everyone shares your opinion on which is better. It's the world of technology and we should all just be happy that we have these options to choose from. :-)

  7. One point that many ignore. MS say the dial will work with Surface Book and Surface Pro devices, not just the $3000 studio. So you can buy your Surface Book, same ball park price as the Macbook Pro or a Surface Pro tablet and use the dial just the same.


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