Ares Pulse Build for Kodi 17.3 | From the Ares wizard | install and overview | New for July 2017

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The Ares Pulse build is great for all of your devices. It works great on your Amazon Firestick, Android box, PC, Mac. it is located on the Ares Wizard, which also has more useful tools. You are able to watch free movies, live tv, tv shows. It is widely mentioned as one of the best builds for Kodi 17.3.

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  1. Every time it finishes downloading it tells me kodi can't restart on its own and I have to turn off my firestick and turn in back on for the build to work. But it's still not working

  2. I get a message after attempting add-on migration. It says the following add-ons are incompatible with this version of Kodi and have been automatically disable: Xonfluence. Not sure what to do next.

  3. I followed all directions and after installing i get a pop up notification saying "kodi could not be automatically closed, please use task manager to stop kodi or disconnect power yo your device. The builday not work unless you do this step." please help!!

  4. Damn thing either says no host available or it downloads halfway then stops downloading. Don't people have fireworks to pop? lol. Damn servers are all tied up! It's moving like a turtle to download and keeps quitting on me which pisses me off more. Getting frustrated. But I'm sure within time this thing will be back to normal! lol oh well!

  5. no I installed this build that you put up Pulse and I like the add-ons there but there's one add-on that I want that I can fine I don't know how to do it and I have some other add-ons that I want to install but on this build that I installed pulse it doesn't have an option to put more add-ons

  6. Triple M, I had no problems installing the Ares wizard; however, when I installed the Pulse build after it downloaded, I closed Kodi and reopened it and there is no skin. it just looks like a fresh start Kodi only there is content under the sections of music, TV shows and movies. It looks nothing like what yours does with the sub menus and thumbnails. I've tried to uninstall Kodi and reinstall it and then reinstall the Ares Wizard and try again but I keep getting the same result. I followed all the steps exactly to install it but like I said it just looks like a fresh start Kodi and there is no organizational skin like with my old build the Schism anniversary. do you have any idea what I may be doing wrong or how to fix this? thank you and keep up the good videos.

  7. hey buddy I wanted to ask you I installed this bill and I wanted to ask you you never got back to me how do I search for other add-ons like I don't have Phoenix and other add-ons where do I go to find those other add-ons and download them I usually used to do it through community portal but that's down for some reason do you recommend something else to find different atoms

  8. This is the first video of yours that I have seen. Very thorough and you go just at the right pace. I will be checking out your other videos and will be watching for new releases! Thanks!

  9. hmm I did a clean install for kodi 17.3 went to install ares wizard and got to install from zip as normally you wait for area enabled but nothing at all now. Does anyone know if ares is down cause I cannot install ares???

  10. Got an error after installing and closing kodi . Reopened kodi and it said extracting add ons then got a pop up window that said add ons are incompatible with this version of kodi I am running krypton 17.3 anyone no what's going on ? Thanks

  11. nice intro mate thanks very much i got krypton on my box and spmc can u help me find a bulid with loads of live tv addons moves spots doc. not bothered about music or fitness or paid sub I appreciate everything you do for the community keep the videos coming and keep on doing what you do best my friend thanks again tar


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