ARES WIZARD | A complete Walkthrough and why you need it on KODI

A Simple Click Really Helps

ARES Wizard

Ares Wizard has been around for a long time, why! Well its packed with features that you probably dignity even know about, from build install, video add ons, optimisations for specific devices to weekly clean up of your device e.g. simple house keeping. Yes this can also reduce buffering, but really buffering has so many factors that the majority of the time you will never full eradicate it. This walkthrough was done for a friend but I am pretty sure you will all find it useful, let me know if you are already a user of the Ares Wizard , is this your favourite Wizard, personally I am torn between about 3 or 4. But I do like to give you options as thats what the community is all about, have the option to install anything and everything. remember that no 1 build will suit everyone, some you will love and some you will hate, but please remember that the developer of ANY build has spent hours and hours creating it, so please think of that prior to being negative.



Ares Wizard Ares Wizard Ares Wizard Ares Wizard

Now for the Video



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