Retro gaming is now on the Ares Wizard!kodi retro gamin on Ares Wizard

Android Apps

A few additional apps have been added too, llike Kodi 16.1, SPMC, ESFE, etc and more are planned so keep an eye on this section as more updates will be added as they are tested.

Retro Games

I tested this on an Amazon Fire TV (non root) to prove it will work on almost anything, although I am told some games will need root in future updates, so lookout for those if you have a rooted device.

If you don’t have the Ares Wizard you can follow a guide and then follow the rest of this guide.

  • Start Ares Wizard
  • Click Browse Addons

Ares Wizard - android apps

  • Click Android Apps

android apps on Ares Wizard

The install process for games is the same – install the emulator then the ROM pack. The others apps are simpler – but each app requires you to authorise on your device.

  • Click Genesis Emulator – (the download dialogue will come up)
  • Click Yes

sega emulator, Genesis on Ares Wizard

  • Click Install


  • You will be returned to Ares Wizard
  • Click OK

mega drive emu installed

  • Click Genesis ROM pack
  • Follow the prompts
  • Click OK

mega drive rom pack

Now you will need to exit Ares Wizard

  • Click Close

When you return to Kodi you will see new entries in the program section

Ares Genesis Mega Drive ROM packs

  • Click Genesis ROMs Pack

A collection of games in the pack will be listed;


Follow the same 2 stage process for the SNES and any other game packs that are added in forthcoming updates… You WILL need a game controller to play these games and they may need configuring using the EMU options included.

If you have any requests, head over to the Ares Forum and let us know what else you’d like to see added. Please share the hell out of this, it would be very much appreciated.

Massive Kudos to Tekto for this awesome step by step tutorial.


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  1. I’m just thinking it may have been too glitchy and they removed it. I’ve tweeted out to them and looked on forums but can’t really see anything. It’s weird that you aren’t seeing it. I’ll do some more digging.

  2. I did a fresh start, and used the url listed and the option for android app is not there. Any other way to get to the games? I am so ready to have fun on those games.

  3. Hello I’m Paul and I’m new to this android world please forgive me lol,I’m trying to download games through your wizard but I don’t have the android app section I’ve tried to download ares wizard again but still not there could you guide me in the right direction please.


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