ARES Wizard Giveaway!! OMG The Best Prizes EVER PLEASE SHARE SHARE SHARE!!

WOW This is amazing and all for free too !!!! Go Ares Wizard!!!

A Simple Click Really Helps

ARES Wizard Giveaway

Is this for real! A 50″ 4K TV plus an M8s Android Box and a Sub to IPTV, this really has to be the best giveaway ever, my god. Its so easy to enter too – all you have to do is head to

Sign up and click to enter, you will get a confirmation afterwards too so you know you have entered, have a look below here was mine.

Ares Wizard

I am personally a huge fan of the Ares Wizard as you can tell by all the videos I have done, but I came across this when I was on their awesome forums and I couldn’t believe it – this really has to be the best community giveaway ever, and its all free. I would certainly recommend at least clicking on an advert when you are browsing the site as then we may have more competitions like this !!


76 ¬†ADDON REVIEWED Now my main aim for this video was to review EVERY single add-on, now 90% of the add ons are from their so massive kudos to the ARES guys, a few then failed to install so had to do a quick search to …
The post is from a recent review I did of all the amazing addons that is well worth a check too, you’ll be surprised what they have to offer.



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