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ARES Wizard

If you don’t know about the awesome Ares wizard then here’s a quick install guide and walk though. They have awesome support in their forums too. If you know about it then that’s cool. This is as all my videos are aimed at the newer members of the community.

As a KODI user I recommend you to use a VPN while you use KODI and watch movies. A VPN will unlock Geo Blocked content, unblock sources but most of all keep you anonymous online. I seriously recommend IPVansih VPN, its so easy to set up and it wont slow your device down in the slightest. UNBLOCK KODI and release its potential.

Check out https://ares-project.uk and awesome support forum.

ares wizard

This wizard hold a ton of builds and Video addons, its such an amazing source for literally everything you will ever need on your KODI Device, it has builds suitable for Firestick and any other android or iOS device. Watch the video and check out just how awesome this wizard really is.



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