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Firstly Kudos must always go out to the ARES Wizard team and their continued efforts for the support, updating and hosting of some awesome KODI builds for us, the users. Not a single person gets paid for doing this and this goes for the KODI builders too, and trust me us that own websites and push updates earn pennies, sometimes I have enough to take the missis out for a meal per month, yes its chips and gravy but she’s happy with that, as am I 🙂 So if you see donation pages and developers asking to click on the odd add then do so, they aren’t being cheeky and an add click cost nothing at all, 10 seconds of you life and this is the easiest way to say thanks without donating a penny, remember they do this for free and its the least you can do.

Anyway lets not digress and get back to the subject in hand. The ARES Team are working round the clock to update and restore functionality after what I am call “JordiGate”. As of 2 hours ago http://areswizard.co.uk was up and running and their forums also are good to go as you see here, forums are at https://ares-project.uk please DO NOT use the old forums, USE THIS ONLY.Screen Shot 2016-07-10 at 18.22.12


The ARES Team also have a Facebook page here so go check it out, or catch them on twitter http://www.twitter.com/ARES_Wizard they post requlary but mainly on their forum page shown above.

With reference to the pulse builds and pin issues please see this straight from the ARES Forum

“Quite a few people couldn’t have failed to notice the problems when it came to downloading Pulse recently, unfortunately it seems as if there was only one server taking the load from a few popular wizards – and rather unsurprisingly that server has struggled and gone down as a result of too much traffic.

So, working with David, the Ares team have commissioned TWO new servers which will host Pulse builds.

These two servers are hopefully going to be paid for by the ads on the forum in combination with the pin system you may have seen when using the android apps – right now due to other issues that system is turned off so for the first few days at least it will be open access.. but when the wizard servers are back online the pin system will be introduced to Pulse too. [it’s the best way to pay the bills without the need to charge people]”

The origional thread can be found right here so please head to the forums to see responses too.

So in summary the ARES WIZARD is working but remember it will get hammered, separate servers are running the builds but its in very high demand so please have patience.

If you would like a full install preview and a look at ares wizard then please see this video.


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