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Firstly all who have spent hours and hours getting the ARES WIZARD UPDATE back online massive kudos to you, you guys have done an amazing job. The ARES Wizard is back with the 0.0.44 update and its the best yet, with pretty much all builds are now back online and all the video add ons are their waiting for you to download, they have worked so hard on this, can you just imagine. The UI looks amazing and modern with all short links to the forums for easy access to help and advice, remember to head to http://www.cssc0der.com and if you have any questions or want a bit of help i will do my very best, or just comment on here and you know i get back to 99% of comments, just take a look.

To head to the video of the new tour head to the bottom of the page.

The URL you require and the one that was used in the video is

http://areswizard.co.uk thats it, if you want to head to their forums (Sign up required) head to https://ares-project.uk even their site is amazing with well documented FAQ’s and the forums are full of members really willing to give help and advice.

ares wizard update

This wizard really has it all, from advanced settings to help with buffering, to weekly maintenance so you can just forget about cleaning your device it will always will be automated for you. Another feature is the fresh start that will leave ARES Wizard on your device so you don’t need to worry about that.

ares wizard update


ares wizard ares wizard ares wizard

TEKTO guide can be found here (images) http://www.tekto-kodi.com/kodi-technical/ares-wizard-install-guide-july-14th/

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