Asus PG278QR 165Hz WQHD G-Sync Detailed Monitor Review – “Best” TN Monitor…?

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Asus PG278QR WQHD 165Hz G-Sync Monitor detailed and honest Review – It’s an awesome monitor but maybe not for everyone.

Dell S2716DG Review: für Reviews in schriftlicher Form, mehr Fotos und direkte Vergleiche mit anderen Monitoren wie Schwarzwerte, Schlierverhalten etc discussion forum, purchase advices, all detailed measuring datas from reviews and much more.
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Asus PG279Q (G-Sync):×1440-G-SYNC-Gaming-Monitor/dp/B017EVR2VM/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1490054469&sr=8-1&keywords=Asus+PG279Q
Asus MG279Q (Freesync):
Acer Predator XB271HU (G-Sync):×1440-Display/dp/B0173PEX20/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1490054494&sr=8-1&keywords=Acer+Predator+XB271HU
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Intro: 00:00
Introduction: 01:20
Alternative Monitors: 02:16
Specifications: 02:44
Processing: 03:41
Footstand: 04:32
Connections: 05:19
Coating: 05:40
OSD: 06:54
Viewing Angles: 07:58
Greyscale: 09:04
Black Level & Homogenity: 10:11
Interpolation: 12:32
Colours: 13:32
Response Time: 14:27
Contrast Ratio: 15:45
Conclusion: 17:17
Pro & Contra: 19:27

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  1. Servus, also zusammenfassend stört dich bei dem PG278QR hauptsächlich die Beschichtung! Im sonstigen Vergleich ist er deiner Meinung nach besser als der Dell, überzeugt bei Farben und Schwarz, sowie Reaktion usw. besser als der Dell und fetzt im gesamten Bereich besser. ich beim downscaling ist er besser?! Passt das soweit?

  2. A very High quality video more than some famous youtuber you deserve a lots more for your videos qualitie. i will make sure that every single of my freind subscribe to u.
    NB: Shoud il begin skyrim Online hahah ?

  3. Please help me I need to know what the best 1440p 144hz monitor is. I wanted to get the ips but i've head bad things about the quality control so out the tn one which one has the least amount of problems and best color

  4. Hallo,
    1. Frage: lohnt es sich auf eine WQHD Auflösung umzusteigen oder ist es die "Probleme" mit scaling, streaming usw nicht wert?
    2. Frage: Sollte man das "Roulette" mit den IPS – Panel wagen oder einfach direkt ein gutes TN-Panel kaufen(VA ist ja nicht so verbreitet bei 144hz)
    3: Ist eine Full Hd Auflösung auf einem 27 zoll Monitor unerträglich?

    Danke im Vorraus ! Keep it up! Gute Arbeit (Y)

  5. Damn. I thought this monitor would be 300-400e but 660? God damn it sucks for that price point. That viewing angle is shit. Blacks are not good at all. That backlight clouds are disaster. Even my 9 years old monitor has less then that monitor. lmao.

  6. very nice reviews!  Also just looked at the dell s2716dg video. I am looking to buy a new 1440/144Hz monitor in the near future, current competition : that dell, the asus, acer tn and if i know for sure i don't need g-sync the benq 2730z..  from the dell and asus video, i had the feeling you were happier with the dell 🙂
    Looking forward if and when you upload a video about that acer or benq!

  7. It is evidently plain to see the work and effort you put into your reviews and you will have many more subscribers very soon I suspect! Thanks for review! 😉

  8. wie immer ein sehr gutes, ausführliches und informatives Review – danke dafür! Wirst du in naher Zukunft auch 21:9 Ultrawide Monitore testen können? Gerade der Samsung C34F791 wäre interessant – mach weiter so! 😉

  9. Hey, nice honest vid.. Very in depth good job!
    Now you got me wondering, should I still get this monitor or another. I really dont want to chance getting an IPS panel due to the IPS glow. I would really prefer a TN panel. There are not many 27" TN panels that suit my style, I like the pg278qr. So any advice you can give would be appreciated. Thanks!

  10. I think those monitors are so expensive just because of G-Sync. All BenQ 1440p@144hz monitors have an integrated Motion Blur Reduction feature, which is even superior to ULMB as i read. Got mine for 450€ in an Amazon Prime offer. Next time i'll buy an AMD Vega GPU, since the monitors that support Freesync are like 200€ less. The only thing that bugs me, is that there is no IPS equivalent to Freesync monitors, with light coating. I don't care so much about colors, since i always set everything to warm, so it's healthier for my eyes, but this hard coating really bugs me too. It just looks so ugly, dirty, grainy and shimmering. But the price speaks louder than everything else (for me at least). If i can pick up a PG279Q for ~550€ with little to no IPS glowing, i would buy it together with Nvidia GPU.


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