Awesome Gaming Headset – VersionTech Wired Stereo Gaming Headset for PS4

A Simple Click Really Helps

These headphones are the Sh*t!

I like the soft touch feel and how comfortable they feel when I’m wearing them. All the gears in the adjustable head strap are nice and stiff so they will stay in place during the heat of the game, when jumping up and down. I can’t say how they will handle the screaming and yelling, but that’s something you’ll have to ask whoever is on the other end of the game from you.

The sound that the produce is good, especially for the price.

If you’re avoiding someone in the house, then these are ideal. The blue LED lights on the side make it easy for the intruder (like MOM, or the wife) to see that you are engaged in battle and not able to talk to them, plus when they come at you from behind standing in the door talking about milk and eggs… you can’t hear them!


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