Battery Pack that will charge 2 devices at once!

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Battery Pack

We all need juice more than ever! When we are out and about, camping or well, just in general. If you are looking for a well priced juice pack then this is it, as it has some unique features which I haven’t seen before. If you don’t want to read how good it is you can either jump straight to the video or you can visit the Amazon page right here or even the company that produces it, and a whole lot more tech over there too. Check the website here. So whats so unique about this awesome Battery Pack.

Battery Pack that will charge 2 devices at once!

  • Dual Inputs: Recharge itself to full, with merely 3.5 hours ― 2X faster than regular portable chargers.
  • Powerful 4.8 Output: Achieves a powerful charge up to 4.8A through both ports, which means it can charge two high-input devices with full speed.
  • Smart Technology: Auto detects and outputs the exact current your device required, delivering a fast and universal charging.
  • 13000mAh High Capacity: Top-notch battery cells pack 13000mAh power. It can provide 4 charges to an iPhone 7, 2.5 charges to a Galaxy S7, or 1 charge to an iPad Air 2.
  • Ultra-Bright Flashlight: It’s bright enough to light you through darkness and emergencies, yet lasts longer than most regular flashlights between charges.

Personally I have been using this battery pack for over 2 weeks now, and due to the modern looking design and the awesome retention of charge I have been VERY lazy and using it to charge my phone instead of just plugging it like a normal person. Let me know what you think. Check the video of the battery pack below.



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