Battlefield 1: 52 Kills MVP Live (PS4 Multiplayer Gameplay)

Close Game of Conquest 64 players! Toughest map?
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►Gameplay recorded with an Elgato HD60

Image used in Thumbnail created by ShadowSix:

Production Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound:

If you got this far. You are AWESOME!


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  1. Wow man. Watched the whole video now and then checked the views on this video and the subscribers. At the end of the video I thought you were one of those youtubers who has 3-5 million subscribers; I must say I got really surprised.
    Amazing gameplay as well as the way you talked in game.

    9/10 point from me.

  2. Man, you really give me hope I can play this game well with a controller. I normally play BF on pc but I'm on ps4 for this one. It's taking a bit of work to get used to controllers again! I imagine you're one of those people that gets wrongly accused of being a hacker all the time with K/D's like that haha…

  3. why does it look so smooth when u play on PS4? my aim is so bad and the game for me feels so slow, laggy and transition from sprint to prone to stand up and sprint again takes so much longer than in this video! i honestly don't get it…plus your english so i'm playing on the same european servers as u so i have no excuse!

  4. hii want to find the key to improve my game play in this game
    so i save your game play in my phone to show him more time
    to take and understand your taktik . to improve my game play
    how to take cover and other thing.
    is stay just the aim . i think the key of best aiming is the play and pratice the game more and more .
    are you using the control freak in your controle ?

  5. I watch ur vid after work good commentary no stress !! Good to watch want to thank u for ur comments work,
    Make it daly u ur channel will grow super fast
    If u make it daly & ask ppl to subscribe, ets Thanks!1 hard work!11


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