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Hey guys. DICE this week announced a bunch of stuff coming to BF1!

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Total Battlefield 1 player base for the first week was nearly double that of Battlefield 4

Titanfall 2 patch brings the magic of console resolution scaling to PCs with low specs

Titanfall 2 flops in first week despite multiformat release

Titanfall 2 release date was “locked in a long time ago, no changing it,” says Respawn

Arma Devs Launch 5v5 FPS Project Argo’s Free Prototype

Ex-Battlefield Devs Making A New Viking Monster

Mario Bava Sleeps In a Little Later Than He Expected To by Chris Zabriskie is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (


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  1. I guess, the ***** no-skill-needed AA guns need a nerf. I hate it, same as dying (with an extra death on the scoreboard) in an airplane after a match is paused or done, like between tries to attack or defend in Operations……

  2. I'm a previous BF player and I have to say that after being so hyped for this game, imo, there's something missing from it.. Yes, it has top notch graphics, its engine plays similar to the previous titles and there's plenty to do for everyone.. But there are things I very much dislike about it. For ex: it takes forever to level up to get new/better weapons(I find myself dying most of the time because other higher ranking players have better weapons). The multiplayer feels monotone and almost boring at times, making me want to quit after just 20-43 mins of playing it(I remember I'd play BF3 sometimes for 2-3 hours nonstop). What do you guys think?

  3. They need to add a huge alarm pointing at the war pigeon with a massive WARNING WARNING alarm if a person is not running towards the pigeon. It was so frustrating today when I got the pigeon and in the map I saw my whole team slowly advancing AWAY from me when the game was 2-1 and 10 seconds later I got ran over by enemies and they won. It was ok… game was 2-2… but then it happened AGAIN and they won. If team turned towards me instead of running away we would have won.

  4. Thank You I only play scout class and I absolutely HATE Suez with a passion maybe I'll try it when the patch comes out but until then I quit when we get Suez

  5. I think the option to change who the sergeant is as well would be useful in BF1. Or at least automatically change it if the person doesn't give an order within 5 minutes. Having no squad direction drives me nuts and then all goes to hell


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